In adoption – waiting is an understatement.The waiting has got to be one of the HARDEST parts of adoption! And during all the waits, you as the parent will be bombarded with:

“any new news yet?”

“So where are you at in the process?”

“Heard anything yet?”
and so on.

We understand your questions, and your anticipation.

You see, the process is very much a process full of many other processes compiled into one. Each step, brings you that much closer to your little one. However, each step brings you – days, weeks and even months of waiting for different steps to be accomplished. And normally these steps are included but aren’t limited to waiting on governments, papers sitting on desks, and the mail.

Once a paper leaves your hands, it’s out of your hands. And you pray that each important document get’s to where it needs to go, to the person who needs to see it, and to the hands that prepare the next step and so forth.

There’s a lot of paper work that is involved and much of it goes back and forth for signatures, notarization, authentication and so forth, and so forth – I guess that’s why they call it the paper chase.

The longest wait in almost any international adoption is the process to receive the officially paper work that “yes, you can officially adopt your child” That good ol’ LOA.


67 days. 67 long days of waiting and praying. That’s how long it took to receive official word that our LOA came early the morning of January 23rd 2015. We were told that it would be several days before the actual hard copy arrived at our agency. To our complete surprise – we also received the hard copy LOA that same evening!!


Considering, our papers were in the middle of a computer system shutdown and update going on in our little girls county. This is really not a bad number…so many families wait much longer for their LOA’s. And we really can’t complain how quickly ours came. However – any number days of waiting in adoption is HARD. And each step should be celebrated!

My Momma reaction shared after our LOA news with our adoption community of family and friends:
“Having such a hard time typing this!!!!! The HARD Copy of our LOA arrived today at our agency!!! All in ONE day!!! And it’s going in the mail today!!!! We have screams of delight going on here folks…it’s beautiful! <3 PRAISE the LORD with us! <3”

THIS STEP is HUGE. And we are now on the downward spiraling slope of our adoption journey. We’re getting SO close to our little girl.

Momma’s arms are aching to hold you, sweet baby girl. We’re coming!!!
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