We built our home in 2003. {My husband and his family were in the construction business, therefore we were able to cheaply build a beautiful home – for a lot less money than normal.}

Well, our building process was over 9 years ago! What can I say…brass was “IN.” {And our home was not lacking in it!} I don’t see a problem with brass other than yes, it’s kind of outdated now. However, it didn’t bother us much, until we put our house on the market. When trying to sell a home, updating is a “MUST” in the housing market world. And instead of purchasing ALL NEW fixtures, we made them “new” for just “pennies!”

Now I’m often skeptical when it comes to spray painting ANYTHING metal. You see, I’ve tried it, and it wears off, and leaves a nasty makeover job.


Now I am no longer skeptical when it comes to this magic paint!  
Rust-O-Leum is the key! It’s a little pricier than normal spray paints, but this is what you want to use if you’re going to take on the project of revamping any metal fixtures.
{The great thing is it’s also for outdoor use!}

To get started:
NOTE: This is not a project you can rush! Be sure to take your time because it will be worth it in the end when you don’t have paint drips or chips. This was the hardest part of the project for me – taking my time :0) I had to redo a whole knob because of my impatience! :ahem:

Materials needed:

  •  Sand paper
  • *Primer spray paint in gray {Rust-O-Leum}
  • *{Metallic} spray paint {Rust-O-Leum}-Your Choice of color. {I used Oil Bronze}

{*Another option would be the Krylon brand. {I’ve used both, but prefer Rust-O-Leum out of the two.} IMPORTANT: DO NOT mix brands! You’ll be sorry if you do. Just trust me. ;0) 


1. Remove all things you plan to refurbish. {I grabbed my hunky husband for this part of the project.} He’s so much more efficient when it comes to things like this. 😉


TIP: I put all my screws in a small container before I was ready to paint them. When painting them –  I put my screws in the pre-made holes, in two scrap boards. This worked FABULOUS!
{Hubbies great idea!}

2. {I started with the door knobs} And DON’T forget the hinges!

3. Next you will sand all metal objects.
{This step must NOT be skipped, or your paint will not adhere.}


4. Now you’ll want to wipe all your sanded objects down with a clean damp rag.
Be sure to let all objects dry.

5. Now it’s time for primer! You’ll want to give a good coat of primer on everything. 1 coat of primer will be enough. {Let primer dry completely!}


6. The most exciting part is applying the spray paint! I added 3 coats to EVERYTHING. I wanted a good finish especially on door handles!
Aren’t they beautiful? :0)


Here is one of the door knobs just 2 weeks after. Still no scuffs, scraps or scratches!
{For best results, let door handles dry for at least ONE FULL WEEK. It’s all in the curing process!


Note: If you do get a drip, wipe it off immediately. You’ll wipe all the paint off but you can just start over! Easier now than sanding and redoing it later. :ahem: If you find a drip that has dried, sand it off and start over painting. This is VERY IMPORTANT for a “professional” look.


I ended up painting bathroom cabinet handles, and even my light fixtures & ceiling fans!
I’ve always thought this dining room light was one of the ugliest lights we had in our home.
{We purchased it on sale when building our home.} It was truly time to come down for a makeover! 😉


While refurbishing the dining room light I worked on the entryway lights & hall lights, along with our master bathroom light – while things were drying.


My “NEW” dining room light. Isn’t it just breathtaking? Ah, yes.


This was one of our entryway lights. I never got any good BEFORE pictures. {I believe my husband loved the new transformation so much, he was looking for more things for me paint!} My husband loves when we find ways to save money, and I think I LOVE it, just as much!


Entryway lights up and looking absolutely fabulous and very updated!


And our master bathroom light/fan. Another beauty, for less than pennies to update!


I planned to paint all our outdoor fixtures this spring. HOWEVER, like I said before, my husband was LOVING the transformation…he even brought me the front door knob & kick plate! Seriously, I think I was being over worked. ;0) haha. I painted during a BEAUTIFUL week in January! {Yes, January in the Midwest is normally piled with snow and below zero temps…but not that week! I was able to have my windows open and everything! {I would have painted outdoors, if it weren’t for all the wind!}


My finished front door knob. Truly a beautiful makeover!


 Notice the unpainted threshold? Well, this is a project for spring, simply because this cannot be removed. And it will need perfect weather for such a makeover attempt.
{Same goes for all outdoor light fixtures.}

The halfway “NEW” front door in all its “NEW” glory. ;0) I even painted the doorbell!


I was also liking the outcome and transformation of everything, I had to try and makeover a couple of my rusted vent covers. Only this time they would be oil bronze and not white. Now they are beautiful once again!

Lovely improvement, don’t you think?


Master bedroom fan makeover. :0)


Living Room fan. :0)


Kitchen ceiling fan. :0)


I’ll be working on faucets and showers next. And this spring outdoor light fixtures etc… 

So far this project has been under $25.
And my home has been transformed 9 years new!

Now it’s been proven! You CAN update, transform, and refurbish on a small budget along with a little frugal creativity & a little help from the internet! 😉

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