On June 1st 2013, my husband and I sat at our computer and filled out a form. We were serious, I couldn’t believe we were actually doing it! We talked of it so much over the years! After submitting the form, my husband quickly reminded and confirmed with me that it would most likely be another year or two before we would be able to move forward financially.I will be completely honest, I was more than bummed at his response, even though I already knew deep down where we sat. But, he is normally wise when it comes to life’s big decisions. And I followed through with our plan.Little did we know that my health would take a turn, just a couple weeks later. The Lord knew all of that before we even began. The door closed for a time at the end of July 2013.

And then the door   o p e n e d   up much sooner than we were expecting…

On March 4th 2014 we received an important email, and not long after – we began our long awaited desired and prayed for journey. A dream that was there long before my husband and I were even married, and has been talked about numerous times since in our marriage.

It was a dream and desire we longed for – one day.

March 8th was a lazy Saturday for our family. Nothing, I mean – nothing was on the agenda. And so we began the long awaited journey and desire of paperwork. Not really the paperwork part, but the beginning of our adoption process! :0)


That’s right, we are in the process of adopting! We have always known our family would also be built through adoption one day. It was always just a matter of God’s timing and not ours.
 Last year our savings fund was quite bountiful until my health turned, and not too long after the bills came in,  {you know the drill.}  the savings became well drained and work has been slow over these LONG winter months for my husband. But the Lord has kept us afloat, and we haven’t starved yet. He’s ever faithful and provides for us abundantly!

The last couple years we’ve been working on being completely debt free. Though we are not there yet, our desired goal was to be debt free {except the house} before digging in deep with any adoption process.


call us crazy, starting our adoption when we’re not yet “financially ready.” Trust me, we’ve thought the same things through and through.

If you wait, to be ‘completely ready’ you’ll never take action. God equips the called & the willing!

We also realize our move is  probably not “Dave Ramsey” approved. But, the one thing we do KNOW is… the LORD was making it clearly evident “it’s time.” Time to begin the process of bringing our long awaited little one  h o m e.

And when God opens doors and tells you to walk through, we’ve learned we better do it! Might not look very logical through our eyes or the “right timing” to begin such a journey. But, we’ve learned over the years – God works like that! He also has a good sense of humor – and we are trusting Him for the provisions needed.

With a few jars of money laying around the house for several years, all 7 of us began counting them. These jars were never really designated to anything,  a possible cruise was talked about a few times… but, when it comes to earthly pleasure and eternal souls, we know where it should be designated!

Let’s just say, our very first payment was sent with our application along with a small amount leftover from those jars! God is already providing! It was an amazing opportunity and moment to visually show our children how God really does provide for us! I myself was almost to tears!

We can’t explain it, but we clearly have gone into the journey knowing God will provide. He’s gotten us this far, He will complete our journey in His timing and His way. We are very confident the Lord will provide the finances we need, in HIS TIME.

March 13th we received word that our formal adoption application was APPROVED! On March 19th we got word that our home study application was also APPROVED! We knew it – we were in deep, no turning back now!  My husband and I celebrated the evening with one of our favorite teas, Oolong {very appropriate!} and what do you know….more paperwork! So much more paperwork to complete – I think I see more Oolong Tea nights in our near future!} ;0)


Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14

The Munchkins have been part of this process from the beginning. {It’s been so hard for them to keep the “secret” until it was time to announce.} It’s been hard for ME as well!
So, our little family of 7 will be a family of 8 sometime next year!
I am sure many of you have so many questions about our process and where we are at. I’ll share more eventually as time allows and as we know more. We have a good long wait ahead of us. All I know now is, 5 of my kids {here on earth} are under my roof and 1 is on the other side of the world {in China}. After years of waiting…we now only have months of waiting!

Hard to believe
, after years of praying for a long awaited desire, it’s finally becoming a reality!




If you would – please lift our family up in prayer! Pray for the Lord’s guidance and for the finances to be provided in His perfect timing.

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**U P D A T E**We’ve been overwhelmed with your encouragement, love, and being added to so many of your prayer lists! What a blessing you all are! For those that have requested a place to donate to our adoption fund – a button has been placed on the right sidebar of the blog. Thank you, for your kindness! We are humbled.