Never would we have imagined we’d be back on this Adoption journey again so soon, you can read about that specifically here. But one thing for sure is, there is a little girl on the other side of the world who is waiting for us to come and get her. And any parent will understand even just a little bit the ramifications of that very fact. She’s old enough to understand what it means to be wanted, to be loved, and to have someone wipe her tears and comfort her during some of the darkest moments of her life. She’s waiting to be held, kissed and to hold her Baba & Mama’s hands.

Now we don’t really know exactly the extent of our little girls dreams, wishes or desires. But we do know for a fact, she’s a little girl, our little girl. And no matter what background you come from, any little girl or child wants to be loved. And we can’t wait to give her that, and much, much, more.

Adopting back to back – is probably not very common, in fact we know it’s not the most common path to take. In fact it probably just makes us look all the more crazier then we did 2 years ago – when we started our first adoption. 😉

All we see now is the very fact that God has opened the door again to adoption, and we couldn’t say no – we need to trust and obey! And she needed us, and we no doubt need her. With so many unknowns awaiting us – we are suited up for the worst, and hope for the very best. God has a purpose and a plan for our little girl, just like He does for the rest of our children and we are so honored. What a privilege to raise another soul up in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those of you that know us personally, helped or donated items or both for our “Massive Eyeball Popping” garage sale and silent auction this past fall. The Lord blessed us with funds needed for half of our 2nd Adoption fee. (Which has now been fully paid!) Now we are about to be in the thick of payments that will be due, quickly within the next few short weeks. Our 3rd adoption fee, and one very, very large orphanage fee.

It looks scary and daunting. But we are again, CONFIDENT. God will be ever faithful yet again to provide the finances we need to bring her home. Just like he did with our Ana.

We’ve come to the place where we’ve prayed and believe it’s time to announce the rest of our adoption expenses. It’s one of the most uncomfortable and very humbling positions to be in. And totally not in our character to ask for help. We now realize (after our last adoption) we are allowing and encouraging others to do what we as Christians are already commanded to do. {1 John 16-18} We are giving each of you a position to help an orphan be in a family.

God uses people to get His work done.  And we are so very thankful to those of you whom have listened and obeyed His prompting to care for the least of these already. Be it our family or another family.

So, here’s our next game plan.

My husband and I have once again, collaborated our talents to bring about what we consider one amazing wooden puzzle! 😉

Here’s where YOU come in! 🙂 Our family can’t put this puzzle together without YOUR HELP!


If the Lord has laid it on your heart to be part of Adie’s story – we’d be so honored and so blessed if you’d play a special “piece” in Adie’s story, in this way.

How this ‘piece of the story’ thing works:

  1. Each puzzle piece is officially looking for someone to claim it and make it “their own” before it can be added to the puzzle.
  2. It costs $20 to purchase a piece of the puzzle.  You can choose the number of pieces you’d like to claim – 1, 3 or 10!
  3. Once your pieces are claimed, we will write your name on the back of your claimed puzzle piece(s), and then the Munchkins will connect it to the puzzle.
  4. We will update the puzzle progress about once or twice a week with pictures of the current outcome.
  5. Once every single piece has been “claimed”, we will take a picture of the completed puzzle. The puzzle will then be hung in Adie’s room so that she, and all of us, can always look back and be reminded of who had a “piece” to her story. God’s perfect story!

    Ways to “claim” your puzzle piece:

    • In person
    • or Using our Pure Charity account
    • Please leave a note with your donation labeling it “A Piece to Adie’s Story” – this way we know to add your name to a piece! 🙂

Our goal with this fun project is to sell all 160 pieces which will raise about $3,200 or more!!!! That will either completely cover the cost of our 3rd adoption fee, leaving a little leftover to go towards our orphanage fee, or it will help cover a little over half of our upcoming orphanage fee! We’d be honored and humbled to have you be a part of Adie’s story – and we can attest that God writes the absolute best ones!


I will keep the blog updated with progress on the puzzle and the list of our amazing “pieces” to Adie’s story here.

This is what the finished puzzle will look like once completed. We’re ready to see what the Lord has planned! Let’s “piece” this thing! 🙂


Adie's puzzleGS2

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