I compiled a list of favorite kitchen “gadgets” upon cleaning out and making an inventory.
Let’s face it ladies, we are completely “spoiled!” Yes, all of us!
We have washers & dryers, our clothes get done in no time flat! Our ancestors were “forced” to put their clothes through a ringer {after washing!}. Or how about even further back? Does the river, or washboard & a bar of soap interest any of you?! ;0) I didn’t think so!
Upon making my “little” list I couldn’t help but be thankful for all the “fancy” gizmos and gadgets that make my life so much easier. I had another aha moment…I sat back and realized
“I’m truly blessed to have these simple pleasures of life. Thank you, Jesus!”
So the next time your in your kitchen using one of your favorite gadgets or gizmos, thank the Lord…for you my dear have truly been blessed!
My Top 20 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
{In no particular order}
1. My Professional Kitchen Aid Mixer
I know this was listed in my “favorite modern conveniences” But, this tool is used probably the most in my kitchen. I love being able to make SEVERAL batches of things all at one time!

 2. Vitamix
Not sure how I ever lived without one. ;0) Our family uses these machine almost daily! Especially in the spring and summer & fall months when we have fresh produce from our garden and orchards. We use this for SO many things!

3. Apple Peeler Slicer

This tool is AWESOME! I mostly use this in the fall when I make applesauce or when I’m making several apple pies at once. But, boy does this tool save me time!

4. Cheese Grater
Perfect for block cheese, and great for fresh Parmesan blocks! Yum. I also use this for grating chocolate when garnishing yummy desserts.
5. Meat Tenderizer
Great for all the venison my husband brings home during the deer season, along with other meats! This one has some weight to it and it doesn’t take much “hammering” before my meat is very tender. Love it!

6. Pineapple Corer Slicer
Yes, I know…I didn’t even know there was such a thing until a few years back! I was able to purchase this for FREE with points I earned via a Pampered Chef party. {My MIL sells the products.} But, this truly is an AWESOME tool! LOVE IT, and I think we eat more fresh pineapple because of it. Only down fall is when you get a pineapple larger then the actual slicer itself. ::sigh::

7. Zester/Scorer
This is a fun little tool. Great for zesting lemons & limes and other citrus fruits along with chocolate garnishes! Use mine more than I thought I would.

8. Apple Corer Slicer Every kitchen should own one. ::smile::

9. Cookie Scoops
I can make cookies in a zip with these awesome scooper’s. Not to mention evenly sized cookies! I have a large, medium and small scoop. Perfect for any type of cookie!

10. Doughnut Cutter
This is a must for homemade doughnut birthday requests!
11. Multiple Cherry Pitter
Every summer this comes out! With all our cherries we get from our trees this makes the tiring work go so much quicker!
12. Silicone Basting Brush
Love how I don’t get a single “brush hair” on my food!
13. Egg Slicer
Use this all the time for egg salad and slicing strawberries & kiwi.
14. Strawberry CorerI have several of these! And boy do we use them come harvest time for our strawberries! Many hands make light work! ::wink::
15. Electric Bread KnifeUse this at least 2-3 times a week with our homemade bread.
16. Funnels
With all the bulk purchases I use these a lot!
17. Air Popcorn Popper
When we’re not making homemade microwave popcorn, we are using this lovely machine! And popcorn is cheap buying it this way too!
18. Coffee Pot
I don’t drink coffee, but I daily have a hot chai or a hot tea, so I use this for a quick and easy big pot of hot water.
19. Antique Wood Rolling Pin
We’ve gone through SEVERAL rolling pins. They make them incredibly cheap these days…so I found one at an antique flea market for $5 three years ago and I still use it to this day…It’s awesome!
20. Under the Counter Radio/CD Player
I love music & sometimes talk radio. If this isn’t on – our computer is playing our own playlists.
What are your favorite gizmos and gadgets in YOUR kitchen?

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