A Jesus lover. Wife to my best friend. Momma to 7 blessings. Heartstrings tugged by all things simple and sweetnatural, purposeful, meaningful, authentic, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and worthy of praise


Midwest, United States

i mainly blog about

, marriage, parenting, adoption, homeschooling, sustainable & natural living on our little farm. Along with anything else that I feel will benefit, encourage, or make my readers think, relate, inspire or just plain laugh.

I don’t claim to have it all figured out, and I certainly don’t have it all together, but I know The One who does! My frayed edges are being shaped and re-formed on a daily basis.

I hope my very flawed writings; will only point you ever closer to the one who so graciously makes hearts whole, and fills them with an everlasting joy. I desperately pray, I won’t obscure this breathtaking view.

who i am

a sinner saved by God’s grace:  At the age of seven, I realized my need for a personal relationship with Jesus in my own life. At fourteen I really started to desire to know and grow more in the Lord. I dedicated my life to the Lord through believers baptism. Today, I strive, I fall, and grow because of this undeserving thing called, grace. 

blessed with: my husband of 17 years {my best friend, and “high school sweetheart”} who loves Jesus, and leads our family to the best of his ability, who’s hardworking, and spoils each of us greatly. I’m honored to be the mother of 7 beautiful children here on this earth – aka “the Munchkins.” 5 through birth, 2 through adoption, and 3 precious babies residing in the presence of Jesus.

my days & weeks are spiced with: numerous doctor appointments, peanut butter & jelly, mud-puddle, dandelion, laundry laden, therapy filled, sticky finger, crazy homeschooling, fully chaotic bliss.

with great honor and much grace: I am a homemaker who’s been given the great privilege of being able to stay home, and homeschool our children for the past 12 years, while also caring for 2 of our children with multiple special needs.

contributing to our family’s income from home: by managing our families small business Eden Ridge Market,  offering organic teas, herbs, spices, and botanical’s. Every sale helps bring an orphan home. As a Homeschool Consultant, I help homeschooling families find the best deal possible for their BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum and more! (Message me, I’d love to help you save on your homeschooling, too!)  On occasion, I earn a little income blogging right here at Graced Simplicity.  Thank you, for your continued faithful following.  🙂


 i’m learning


 to love the Lord more intimately, to love my man more passionately, to train my munchkins more joyfully, while letting go of perfect.

that God’s love unglues and unhinges us, when we set aside our perceived expectations. He moves us to the most unthinkable, and the most incredible, amazing blessings through the most uncomfortable of ways. I’m finding myself wanting more of this crazy faith stuff.

heartstrings tugged by


jesus    baby cuddles  •  adoption stories    family preservation  •  old but practical & useful antiques  •  my husband’s hands    sound of my children laughing and playing    the freedom that comes from knowing christ    flowers   organic gardening  heartfelt, focus on jesus uplifting, music  •  farmhouses    barns  •  old windmills  •  picket fences  •  sweet tea with lemons  waterfalls    horseback riding    sunsets  •  sunrises  •  good quotes  •  good books that encourage and inspire me to grow in the lord  •  christian biographies    natural, herbal & sustainable living books thrown in for pleasurable reading  •  typography  •  handwritten mail  •  invigorating aromas from the kitchen  •  the piano    essential oils  •  herbs  •  teas  flea markets  •  sale racks  •  second hand stores    books with real paper  •  the changing of leaves   •   homemade confections     sweet cherries  • fresh strawberries • dark chocolate • old ticking, eyelet, and lace    long walks  • slow days. 

we’re one of those families

a natural – sustaining wannabe family with “a lot” of kids who homeschool: living on our farm of several acresWe’re striving for a healthy way of living, however, not everything we eat is always whole grain, organic or stevia laden. We kind of like our good old-fashioned bacon fat, white flour and butter, well, lots of butter! The majority of our food is made from scratch and we find great pleasure and satisfaction in growing and preserving from our garden, and orchard, as well as hunting, and butchering the vast majority of our meat. Honey; is also something we have been enjoying harvesting from our beehives.  Our natural medicine cabinet just keeps expanding, as I learn more about, essential oils and herbs. I’d like to think our natural way of life spills over into our everyday lives. The way we clean, the way we eat,  and the way we care for our bodies, and then I find myself throwing in a frozen pizza, because it’s been an extra chaotic day.  ::cough::

on the “side of life”


daily reality: I’m probably reheating my mug for the 3rd time, working on achieving a small dent in my mount-never-rest pile of laundry, wiping sticky fingers, and smelly bottoms, trying to keep a child focused on their school work, while simultaneously cleaning up spilled orange juice all over my freshly mopped floor, kissing owies, prepping for dinner, trying to keep up on preserving home grown produce, pulling weeds, and snapping a few unprofessional photos, or maybe, just maybe, blogging. right here. ت

i blog freely


and try my best to live life in the moments. You may, or may not see much of me, as far as consistency goes. I blog when I have the time, and when I’m certain that my priorities are in place. Because of my inconsistency, you may find it helpful to follow me through these avenues:

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