We sat down at the table the other night, and I looked at my husband and said “I feel like we’re missing someone!” He replies “I was just thinking the same thing!” The table has already been set with an extra place setting more than once! And we realize, WE ARE in fact missing someone! Someone whom we are growing more, and more in love with each new day.

After the discovery that the table had an extra glass – L, took it upon herself to take a photo’s of yet again another moment. The last photo was of course arranged, and will serve as a memory to share with our little one that she was being thought about from the very earliest of beginnings. <3 And I might add, I may have a future blogger on my hands! ::clears throat::  ::wink::

When our 2 year old is asked “where’s our baby?” He responds “China!” He and all the rest of our children frequently say “Xie xie” {Thank you} in Mandarin instead of English. {This has been stuck with them for almost a year now, sense my husband led our family in a study about the persecuted church in China. It has stuck with our children before our whole adoption thing was an actual story in the making. Which I think is quite amazing! ; ) Truly a neat little tid bit, orchestrated by an amazing, incredible God, don’t you think?

Every day at least one older child wants to be reminded of what time is it in China, at that specific moment. They often blurt out… “I wonder what our little sister is doing right now?”

I must admit after being consumed in parent training studies {for our home study}, I was laying down my two youngest, and I looked at the clock like I’ve done for several weeks now, not only was I looking at the time it was here but, also remembering what time it was in China. My thoughts quickly turned to tears. It would have been 2 in the morning. I wondered is she was even born yet? I wondered if she was, if she was sleeping soundly? I prayed she was being held tight. Lord Jesus, comfort her! I was reminded of a sweet lady from our church. She came up to me last Sunday morning. She just wanted to let me know that she had been burdened to pray for our daughter. She was vowing to pray for protection and for a caregiver to take time with our daughter everyday. My heart rejoiced! I knew our family wasn’t alone in praying for this little person, we’ve yet to meet or even know. And knowing the very great possibility that if we aren’t in prayer for her at one single time, this other lady in our life was! For that I was encouraged!

This little person, is already loved, and loved deeply.


Detailed Adoption Update & Blessings Noted

1.} The hubby and I survived a 12 hour fast – for our required labs and health exam {home study & dossier}

2.} We applied for our passports Blessing: We received our 6 passport photos for only $30 as opposed to the $180! The local
office was closed unexpectedly, and was unable to complete our passport process. The lady in the office blessed us with only charging $30 for all! And we were able to drive to another town not too far to complete our passport process that very day!

3.} We were able to get  more documents ordered & notarized for our dossier. And several of them are on their way back from being officially authenticated! Woohoo!

4.} We met with our social worker for our first home steady visit. {My heart’s been put at ease about being slightly nervous about the whole thing.} {three more required visits to go!} Blessing: to have a social worker that seems down to earth. Also, she was completely blown away at having almost all the major bulk of our home study paperwork already completed! YAY! We also were able to get our FBI fingerprinting done the same day!

5.} We started our 12 hours of required parent training. Both of us have about 5 hours left before we are able to get our certificates! These are needed to help in the wrapping up of our home study! The study has been very informative so far, and we’re learning a lot, and also revamping a few things we’re already learned. Good stuff!

6.} Our t-shirt sale hasn’t taken off like we’d anticipated, but we have had many want to contribute the full amounts of a t-shirt instead of us only receiving part of a t-shirt amount. So, God has worked that all out better then we ever could. : ) So if you were wanting to order a shirt or had signed up to get one {you will NOT be charged, and our shirts will NOT be printed.} We’d be honored if you’d just contribute to our tax-deductible account instead. Thanks for sticking with the newbies, while we learn as we go. : )

7.} Gifted Blessings: We received a large gift in the mail from a sweet family. We also have received other amounts in gifts, and each of those have helped cover the amounts for our FBI Fingerprints & Authentication of important documents! Each gift we have received so far, has come at the PERFECT God ordained moment. Not early, but never late! Thank you, for listening and obeying when the Lord has urged you to pray or give. We are amazed over and over again, and God’s provision for us on this journey.

8.} And we received something exciting in the mail! Our passports arrived! Although, our pictures look more like mug shots, and don’t display in anyway, the excitement we will be experiencing once we are on our way to our little one. Thank goodness, right?! : )

Prayer Requests

1.) For the patience as we wait for important documents to be returned after their authentication.
2.) For a certain document that needs to be written to complete our home study. {Pray we find the official person needed and willing to take the time and write the document we need.}
3.) For the next upcoming funds needed in the next step.
4.) For our little one {who may be born, or may not be yet.} Pray for protection and care.
5.) Pray for our child’s biological parents. Pray that some good Christians would rub shoulders with them, and be able to share the gospel with them. {This will probably be our prayer for the rest of our lives.} It’s that important to us!

Until the next update, or the next post…we’d be humbled if you’d lift us up in prayer as we are going through this journey.

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Whether it’s through financial support or just standing in agreement in
prayer with us and for our little one, we are so thankful and humbled for the continued
support from our family, friends, church family, and many of you we don’t even know. We humbly thank you.