1661: love

1661: love

When I was a young, I enjoyed watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. As a mother today, the shows available on TV today make me squirm. They have little to no educational value, let alone good morals. Nothing but mindless, worldly indoctrination. Over the years I have purchased a few Mr. Roger DVD’s to share with my children. Absolute treasures!

cherish – tomorrow may be your last

People say God’s timing and ways are always perfect. I’ve always believed it to be true, and still do. But in that very moment, it wasn’t even making sense at all. These babies needed their momma, he needed his wife…. It’s been exactly Three-hundred and sixty-five days, I miss her. She sat sideways on the pew in front of me. Arm gently resting on the back of the old wooden church pew. “Hey, do you guys want to come over Friday night?” I quickly reached for my pocket calendar concealed in my purse. As I flipped to the date, I remember thinking, the end of the week would be a new month, and how quickly the year was already flying by. To my excitement and to her delight there was absolutely nothing planned for Friday, February 1st 2013. I quickly scribbled in the date and we hurriedly started planning the evening before it was time to go. You see our husbands were most likely waiting for us. We enjoyed each others company. With her it was very easy to fall into conversation together, and harder to fall out. “Alright, Friday night – dinner & games!” she said. “Sounds like a plan!” I replied.   THREE DAYS LATER: I woke up with a terrible migraine, which only progressed in its greatness as the day prolonged. As evening approached my husband came home from work, and I asked him to take hold of the fort. I needed to lay down and relieve this debilitating  headache. My husband gladly took the reigns and got to work on finishing dinner, and feeding the...

30 steps to becoming a ‘life giver’

‘L i f e   G i v e r’   You know, the one that invigorates life in all she does. Pouring God’s goodness {real life} into all her relationships. She humbly points others to Christ for what He is continually doing in her life. His grace & goodness spills fourth in complete splendor. She’s not perfect but, she continues to impart grace to those around her. Its true. We all LOVE being around a  ‘Life Giver’.     Sadly but shamefully – I find myself playing the part of the  ‘l i f e   s u c k e r.’  My family and those around may get a whiff of wrong attitudes, along with a bit of pride thrown in. Sometimes bitterness or frustration even creeps in. But with God’s amazing grace, and absolute goodness, I can strive to be that  ‘L i f e  G i v e r’  I so long to be. Maybe you are like me, struggling to be the  ‘L i f e  G i v e r’  God designed us to be? If so, let’s together breathe life into every relationship and area of our lives. We can achieve something so beautiful. With God, its attainable! 30 Steps to Becoming a   ‘L i f e   G i v e r’ {A short guide to revitalizing and energizing your relationships}   {1.} Be the person God created you to be. And for the benefit of those around you,  learn to say no to good things.   Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were...