From my earliest childhood, I can remember picking dandelions for my mother.
For generations the dandelion, so vibrantly bright, cheery and so abundant – has been a symbol of all children’s love for their mothers. Few mothers have missed the joy of a child running up to them with a huge bouquet of limp little yellows in their hands, while displaying the biggest smile on their face – uttering the words: “Mommy, I picked these just for YOU!”

We often consider these flowers as non other than weeds, but I often wonder if God didn’t create these little yellow beauties just for children to give to their mothers?

This past week I was given one of these lovely bouquets. {I believe I’ve had several already this year, and summer isn’t officially here.} Winking smile

Upon receiving them you must understand the background of my day – it. was. absolutely. AWFUL.
Nothing was going right, baby was crying all hours of the day, I raised my voice more then once at my children, and I was just plain exhausted and overwhelmed. Earlier in the day my daughter asked me when we could sew her dress together {I’ve promised her. Several times!} I quickly snapped back at her and said, can’t you see my hands are full?!  After my upturned morning, In walked my daughter with a beautiful arranged dandelion and iris bouquet with the simple words of: “I picked these to cheer you up!” :sniff: :sniff: I am LOVED deeply.

When it comes to a dandelion – it doesn’t bloom long. After presenting their spectacular beauty, those round yellow balls turn into tiny “parachutes” that when blown upon, they spin off into unknown places.


Childhood is like a dandelion. Our childhood rearing days are few – and sooner than later these children will be floating off into their adulthood. As mothers we must purpose ourselves to grab hold of these precious moments before they are no more.

A weed, you say? Yes, I suppose so. But I’ve found a life lesson learned in a dandelion.
As mother to 5 little blessings, I’ve realized that time does not stand still.
My infant will be 5 before I know it, and if I blink he’ll be grown with a family of his own.
  Life It’s fleeting and fleeting fast! 
 I don’t always choose to spend these precious days with my sweet babies as I should. Many things get in my way of time  – but, many areas of life CAN be rearranged to make that precious time!

It comes down to asking myself these simple questions 

  • am I really busy?

  • is this really THAT important that my time with my children should get shoved under the rug?
Most of the time, I find that I’m selfish. I’m often choosing to be SO BUSY that I don’t have the time.

I don’t want my children to remember me as always saying “no,” or “I’m too busy, can’t you see?”
I want my children to remember me saying “yes,” “sure sweet pea, let mommy finish this and we’ll pull out the sewing machine together.”

How are you purposing your time with your children?

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:3-4

Well Spent Time Ideas:
  • Morning Bible Time: Start up a bible time before, after or during breakfast with your children. {You’ll be amazed at the conversations that will come up. {Don’t let this take away from family bible time. This is an extra time with mommy.}
  • Plan an Outing: Take your children and: Go outside, work in the garden together, take a walk just spend time together!
  • Read: Read a book to your children. Great literature at our fingertips {the library is a great place!} Read a chapter a day together.
  • Bake/Cook: Go through your old recipes and have your children pick out a dessert for supper. Make it together. And if your ambitious enough – make dinner together too! Smile

Now, go kiss your babies & plan some fun & do it!

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