In Defeating Homeschool Burnout Part 1, we looked at 12 ways to help better DEFEAT the ugly burn that is caused by what I call “Homeschool Burnout”. We’re going to jump right in, and look at 11 more ways to help any of us finding ourselves trying to overcome the sting.

• Don’t Micromanage – This goes for your home, your children and your husband. Take a deep breath Momma, and stand back while providing a safe place. Don’t hover. Let your children make mistakes. Let them wear mismatched clothes once in a while. If they really want to dip their apple slices in the ranch it’s really not harming anything! Don’t be afraid to loosen the reins a little. It helps in keeping your sanity, but also teaches your kids what is acceptable and what is not, and also teaches them learn more independence while at home and under your roof! Remember, your hands are always holding those reins. Feel free to lovingly tighten or loosen them as your children grow and mature. You’re the parent, and the teacher. Take charge and don’t forget to let your kids be kids while doing it! I’m blogging over at HomeWorks by Precept today Read More Here »