defeating “homeschool burnout”

Homeschool Burnout: Losing sight of your goals, and the reasons why you chose to homeschool in the first place. When you find yourself off track and your purpose of having your children at home, becomes filled with worldly lies. The dark moments the devil works hard to convince you to “just quit.” The moment when you realize it’s just not working right and your at a loss. When you’ve come to realize you are desperately in need of a remedy to DEFEAT this ugly burn.
It sounds nasty doesn’t it? After homeschooling for 6 years I’ve experienced this type of burnout more than once. It’s ugly. And I want to share a few “tips of the trade” that I’ve been learning, and  still learning of ways to DEFEAT this ugly “homeschool burnout.” Because it happens to me at least once if not several times a year. I know this will be a great reminder for me as well! 😉

One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children, will be the the one that they learn by watching us handle and cope with our difficult situations. The difficult ones in life that require patience, grace, respect and perseverance.


With GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE! 

Defeating Homeschool Burnout {on a daily basis}

  • Do Your Best at Getting Rest – It’s important to get to bed at a decent time. A restful Momma is a peaceful Momma. {Now I understand babies and little ones can mess with this one a lot!} But, doing whatever we can to get there will help your day run more smoothly. Sometimes adequate rest will be better accomplished by taking short snoozes here and there while nursing the baby or just stopping to take a nap with the little ones if possible.
  • Rise Before the Children – Doing this will enable you to find adequate time for maybe a cup of tea or coffee while spending some time in God’s word and prayer, maybe a little exercise, a time to shower, and dress for success, and maybe even time to start breakfast. Remember, being disciplined yourself is a great example to your children. They follow by what they see, not only by what they are told.

  • Set a Routine – do your best at keeping it but, learn the importance of being flexible as well.

  • Plan Your Daily Schedule – try not to over schedule. {I have a terrible time at this one!} Set realistic goals. Allow time for spontaneous and creative moments in your learning. Plan your lessons, chores, meals and even play time. I don’t have a timed schedule but I do have a plan and routines for each day.

  • Don’t be Bound – by all your lesson plans or curriculum. Make the lesson plans work for you! Design your school and curriculum to fit your lifestyle.
  • Name Your School – A fun way to make school more official is by giving it a meaningful name. Make it a family event in picking out a name.  Pick a name that fits your family and why you’ve chosen to homeschool. {This year we are working on a more meaningful name.}

  • Don’t Compare – don’t get distracted by what other homeschool families may or may not be doing. Your homeschool experience and family is unique. Yours will look completely different from mine. That’s just one of the many things that makes homeschooling so beautiful.


  • Remember Each Child is Unique – they are wonderfully and fearfully made. They come with their own unique personalities and needs. Needs that will determine how they learn best. Be aware, what may work for one child will not necessarily work for another. Don’t be tied to any particular curriculum if it isn’t working for one child. Another great thing about homeschooling is you can customize your school to meet each child’s uniquely special needs and learning styles! Homeschooling isn’t meant to be a “one size fits all”. God made us each unique. Homeschooling is about looking outside of the box not being shoved into a one size fits all mold or method.

  • Learn to Say “No” – Your life will be ALWAYS be busy, especially while homeschooling and raising little ones. Homeschooling takes a lot of hard work. Learn
    to say no to extra activities that aren’t needed or doable at this season and time in your

  • Extra Curricular Activities – it’s okay if your child is not in sports or music lessons. Life is busy and the most important time you can invest in your child isn’t by watching his/her game but, by playing and doing his “game” right along with him! As you homeschool you won’t always have time for all the “extra’s.” But those “extra’s” have nothing to build on in comparison to the eternal rewards you are reaping as a homeschooling parent on a daily basis. Is it more important your child can kick a ball to the goal or is it more important your child is growing and learning by leaps and bounds in the Lord?! Evaluate the “extra’s” in your life and their ultimate purpose and goal.

  • Don’t Answer the Phone – during school hours. Be sure to tell family and friends at the beginning of your school year that you will not be answering your phone during school – this will hopefully keep people from being “offended”. Be sure to check your messages for emergencies. But other than that – a no phone policy for homeschooling is an absolute must! It’s helpful in keeping your school day on track and well focused, without outside distractions. Be sure to return phone calls at the end of your school day or at your earliest convenience. {And Husbands calls are totally an exception!} ;0)


  • If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy – If you are grumpy, distracted and irritable, your children will eventually be too. This doesn’t mean you must plaster a fake smile on all day, just learn to monitor and control your moods. Your attitude DOES affect and rub off on others. If your kids seem to be unreasonably crabby or anxious, take an honest look at yourself.

  • Don’t Micromanage – your home or your children. Take a deep breath Momma, stand back, and provide a safe place. {Don’t hover.} Let your children make mistakes. Let them wear mismatched clothes once in awhile. If they really want to dip their apple slices in ranch, I mean, is it really harming anything? Don’t be afraid to loosen the reigns some. It helps keep your sanity, but also teaches your kids while at home what is acceptable and what is not. Remember your hands are always holding those reigns. Feel free to lovingly tighten or loosen as your children grow and mature. You’re the parent, take charge and don’t forget to let your kids be kids for goodness sakes.  ;0)


  • Read Aloud Every Day – Start when your kids are very young, and do it as long as you can! Even when they start reading fluently on their own. There is plenty of research out there why reading aloud to your kids is a wonderful help to them and their education. Reading aloud lays a foundation for a lifetime of learning. It also creates a bonding time that is very special to Momma and to the Children involved. {We LOVE reading time!}


  • Get Outside – get some fresh air DAILY! {YOU too, Momma!} Even if it’s for 15-20 minutes. The bright sun and fresh air can refresh you and your children and give you all that little burst of energy you all need to keep going.

  • Take More Breaks – It’s hard to get into the routine of things and not want to stop and take time for much needed breaks. Breaks are beneficial to the teacher and to the students as well. They allow time for refreshment. Go on a few field trips! There is so much you can learn outside of the classroom. Hands on learning is one of the best kinds of learning. Nature walks are great ways to break away from work books as well.

  • Don’t Follow the Public Schools Schedule – Take time off when YOU choose – not because your local school has time off. You choose  whether or not to have snow days. {At our house, we have them once in awhile.} Normally we just work right through those days, allowing us to finish much earlier.} Some homeschoolers are so involved with their local public school that they eventually become trapped in trying to fit it all in. One reason we homeschool is so that we aren’t trapped into fitting into someone else’s mold. You’re the teacher, not your local school system.

  • Make more Time for Special Days – Don’t just make your first and last day of school a super hit. Make days in between special as well. Have specially planned foods, themes for different days etc…don’t loose the fun you can have while homeschooling.

  • Join a Homeschool Group – Look around your local area and find a homeschool group near you. Many groups have planned outings and field trips. Homeschool groups are a great way to connect with many like-minded homeschoolers, while making new friends. Join as much or as little as your family schedule allows. But, remember learn to say “no” to good things. They may not be right for you at this particular season in your life. You are the teacher and manager of your school. You know what you can and cannot manage in a year of school.

  • Remember Why You Do What You Do – and who you are doing it for!

  • Show Love & Compassion – It’s much more important to show love and compassion to your child than it is to finish that math page they may be struggling with. We have choices to make every day. We can scream at our kids to finish their work, or we can calmly and lovingly guide them and encourage them to keep trying. Some days will be harder than others. Choose love and compassion, Momma. Gulp down those irritations and let’s genuinely SHOW GOD’S LOVE. Remember, those little eyes are learning from YOU.

  • Remember Your Children Are Not Your Own – They are simply on loan to us from God. We are stewards of these precious, priceless souls. Don’t raise them to be great children, don’t raise them to be wonderful adults either. Raise them to be great, wonderful loving and Godly parents. Because by doing so – we will have equipped another generation grounded up in the Lord to raise their own families in the ways of the Lord. Talk about a rich heritage, we can pass on – from generation to generation!

Let’s do this!

What would you add to this list? How do you defeat the “homeschool burnout?”

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