As a mother of 5 children 10 months to 9 years. I have decided that sleep comes in seasons.
Right now, I am in the “teething baby, toddler can’t sleep – get’s out of bed season.”
Often this leaves me seeing many hours of the night, while the mornings creep in waaay too early! Sometimes I feel like I’m barely surviving on cups of chai tea or a cappuccino for a little energy boost. {I’m not yet old enough for straight coffee.} 😉
These past couple weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me.
I lost a dear friend in a car accident, my sister-in-law had a medical scare, and my husband and I were running in and out of the hospital visiting and caring for the needs of others.
{Though tired and exhausted, we are very grateful we were able to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ during these rough times.}
During and around this time I’ve been battling migraines, the ones that send you to bed for hours at a time, leaving you no strength to move, and painful enough you just want to curl up and cry.
{In case you were wondering} This really doesn’t mix well with homeschooling 3 school aged children, caring for a toddler and a teething baby.” Ha!
My house has no doubt seen better days! A very sad state to be in when you are a slowly recovering perfectionist with minor spasms of OCD.
In this season of life, I’ve slowly began to realize I was allowing myself to suffocate slowly. Through all the stress, through all the sadness, through all the tears, through all the failure
{Feeling rotten not being able to keep up with life in general.} I was almost forgetting to



Between the sobbing moments of sadness and exhaustion, I’ve been finding myself in a place that I haven’t been in a long time. My sister was given only 2-4 months to live due to her bout with cancer. And motherhood seems lonely and plain hard.

It’s in this place,

where all you can do is PRAY.

It’s in this place where all you can do is TRUST.

GOD is still on the throne!He’s working.

His ways are much higher than ours.

Just PRAY, just TRUST the Lord, and let our desperate heart be given over to the one who holds it all.


The Air I Breathe 

Oh, how He loves us!

Today, let’s just,


Breathe in God’s refreshing love & goodness. He’s working ever so much on your heart and mine.




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Photo Credit: Top Walls