We have been waiting for one last document to complete our dossier. One last document to complete a large milestone in any adoption! There was a short pause while we waited. The Lord obviously has a reason for it – we simply must trust and be patient.

And TODAY this last stubborn document made it’s way to us! Our dossier is 100% COMPLETE!

You see this dossier is our entire lives on paper stuffed in an envelope. And I mean everything!!!

  • Birth certificates
  • marriage license
  • employment letters
  • criminal checks
  • background checks
  • passport photos
  • photos of our family
  • financial statements
  • medical exams
  •  our I800A form
  • Also in this large envelope is our *home study report.

    *Home Study Report – A large document completely filled of information in a typed document consisting of all of our home study interviews and visits with a social worker.
  • Our life history
  • our family histories
  • financial histories
  • interviews with our children
  • parenting styles
  • our beliefs
  • and just about everything else you can think of.Completely stripped of any secrets, our pasts and our futures all laid out on paper for many eyes to see. It’s really humbling. And we’d do it all over again for our precious little one!
    All signed, authenticated, sealed and ready to go! It’s so beautiful!

We have been waiting and working extra hard for months to finally get to this point in our adoption process… being able to mail off our dossier off for critical review and brief translation to our adoption agency.

Tomorrow we will overnight “our life.” 🙂

We’re ready for the rest of the journey!

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