I know you’re probably laughing like crazy! “Modern Conveniences?!

That’s right!

Seriously, as much as I love simple living and the simplicity of it all. I find myself falling in love with a few “modern conveniences”or “Appliances/Tools” on a daily basis.

Many of these items are used frequently, and many of them daily.

Whoever invented them….I thank you.

1. My Kitchen Aid Professional Mixer 
This item is probably used the most in my house. Between everyday baking/cooking & my bakery business this probably get’s used the most out of any of the other appliances in my kitchen.


2. My Hoover Carpet Cleaner
Cleans my carpets & stairs.And for a family who doesn’t walk in the house with our shoes…we sure get some nasty stuff out of our carpet! I love how fresh & clean the floors feel when they’ve been cleaned! And dare I say, this has come in handy for times the stomach bug has been present. ::ahem::

3. My Automatic Dust Pan
You heard me right! I had to laugh when I was being talked into purchasing one of these along with my central vac. One of the fun things, that comes with building a house, I guess. {Until you’ve actually used one, It’s hard to explain how wonderful it is!} I was skeptical and thought it was an extremely silly purchase for anyone’s home. I now only wish I had one in my entry/hall, and laundry room! It’s awesome! I’ve had friends sweep my kitchen floor JUST so they can use the automatic dust pan. Not kidding! Winking smile My kids enjoy sweeping too!

4. My Remmington body trimmer.
Need I say more?! Great for trimming the eyebrows, and other important areas. ;0) The wonderful thing about this is…it’s waterproof, and comes with a charger…no batteries! And all Momma’s shout…AMEN!

7.  My Oral B Electric Toothbrush
My husband has gum problems and we had to purchase a special toothbrush for his teeth. We later purchased one for me…I WOULD NEVER go back to a regular toothbrush again! They are pricey from the start, but all you have to do is purchase new heads every few months. My teeth feel so incredible! Our toothbrushes also display a little smiley face when you’ve brushed long enough! haha. ;0) The tiny perks in life! We have sense purchased cheaper ones for our kids that take batteries. And I’ve seen a difference in their little mouths as well. :0) “Let those pearlies shine!”

What are your favorite “modern day conveniences” that you couldn’t live without, unless you absolutely had too?!
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