I was just mentioning to my husband the other night that my heart was missing our baby girl – more so than I ever thought possible during such a wait. It seems the more we wait the more my heart aches to hold her. The more we wait, the more she grows deeper and deeper in my heart – our hearts. That next morning I received two little glimpses of God’s love and grace for my weary waiting momma heart. A few ladies from one of our adoption groups noticed our daughter in a couple of pictures from another families recent orphanage visit in October. There I sat at my computer screen with tears streaming down my face. Just a wee glimpse into our sweet little girls daily life – such a treasure to my momma heart! And this one particular detail in life that I hold in high regard – PICTURES. These two simple far and few in between pictures will be cherished memories for our daughter in the years to come and they quickly gave me a quick glimpse of just how important God DOES care about the tiny details in our lives.Mind you, these photos aren’t the best, but
they are no doubt a treasure! One picture is with one of the nannies giving her a
bottle on the floor, and the other was just half of her face covered by
a nannies leg standing in front of her while she sat in a baby bumbo seat. But, they are HER! My child, the
one my heart longs for and is desperately missing, the one I’ve yet to meet and to hold. As Christmas is approaching we wait for the next important thing to happen in our adoption process. Our LOA – our official ‘letter of acceptance’ from China. As we wait, our hearts and our love for our daughter/little sister are growing. Before we know it – we’ll be traveling to bring our little sweetheart  h o m e! By then I’m sure we’ll be bursting at the seams 100 times over and again. : )

While we wait, our lives haven’t been exactly quiet or uneventful. However, during the crazy moments of life we’ve sent our little sweetie a birthday/Christmas present, along with some chocolate for those sweet and caring nannies. Do you understand how difficult it is to pack all your love into a box approximately the size of a tiny shoebox? It’s impossible! The rest of our love will have to overflow once she’s in our arms. ::sigh::


This Momma also whipped up a Christmas stalking for our little girl. My husband and I sat on the couch last night looking at our line-up. All that came from our mouths was “wow, we’re a large family!” “We’re so blessed.” ; ) What do you think? Isn’t that line up just beautiful?!


As we sit back this Christmas season
and wait….we ponder the greatest gift ever. An unfailing love that
displays genuine compassion, sacrifices so much, while it’s heaped with
mounds of infinite grace, for a people who really don’t deserve it. We
pray you choose to accept the greatest FREE gift of all this Christmas
season. Nothing compares to the true love that awaits. If you’ve already
accepted this precious life changing gift – we encourage you to live it
– LOUD, in the coming new year! <3

On a quick side note: We debated on sharing our youngest daughters picture here on the blog without her having a proper introduction. But, we felt that seeing her sweet face helps those of you praying to visually see who you are praying for. So, that proper introduction will come – once she’s in our arms. <3 But in the mean time – enjoy her adorable face. : ) Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks?!

{And for all you fellow adoption Momma’s worried about sharing her face before LOA – our agency gives the okay once officially LOI.} So we’re safe – it’s all good! ; )

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – from my family to yours!


Standing in awe of His
tender loving mercy.
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P.S. There will be no Hearts for Home weekly link-up this week due to it being on Christmas day – however you may join us for a new years day, as the link-up will be open! Come, mingle, encourage & share! See you then – Lord willing!