My goal for 2017 is to record each months blessings that have caught my attention; while also looking for ones I may not have otherwise seen, if I wasn’t looking for them in the first place. My desire it to train my eyes to seek out God’s glory in the everyday, while I spend my year glory-chasing. I want these monthly posts to give praise to Jesus alone for each blessing, or lesson I have learned. Read more about my glory-chasing goal here.

Let my mouth be filled with Your praise And with Your glory all the day.” Psalm 71:8

glory-chasing | february 2017

I apologize in advance for how much this past months post involves food. There seems to be an unintentional pattern. I’m sure my thighs are paying for it. 😉



  • Homeschooling benefits all learning types. Each child can blossom at their own pace, in their own ways. God doesn’t make cookie cutter children; each one was born with their very own purpose. And getting there will be just as unique.



  • The genuine smile of a sweet and gentle spirit, a welcoming home, with a cozy environment and a fresh cup of hot tea, and side of authentic friendship to warm the soul. God brings just the right people into our lives, at the right time.


  • Being reminded despite our little girls body being riddled with “life sucking” tumors – God is still holding her in the palm of His hands.


  • The privilege and blessing to be able to stay connected; even when paths have changed. God created us for connection.


  • The blessing that comes from provision provided solely because of Jesus. The excited moment that comes – when realizing it may be the last time processing meat in my kitchen. He provides abundantly.



  • The priceless startled look and confusion on a little girls face, whose never seen what processing meat even looks like. (6 years in an orphanage setting; keeps one from seeing life for what it is.)  Getting to see her learn new things is a treasure, and also brings a few giggles.


  • It is a privilege to connect with growing authentic on fire for Jesus believers. In fact it’s absolutely refreshing. Seeing how much can happen when there is purpose with action.


  • How homeschooling allows time of great spiritual conversation with my children. Especially my two oldest as they are learning to process and think for themselves.


  • How homemade play-dough provides hours and hours of time for mom to get many things done. While also encouraging playful imagination and keeps everyone out of trouble. win, win for all! God gave us imaginations to play, learn and grow.



  • The blessing of modern medicine.


  • Realizing things aren’t always what you think they are. Thankful for wisdom.


  • Getting a glimpse of a long routed walk to the mailbox in the freshly fallen snow. Thankful for the adventures of little boys.


  • Again realizing how much is not in our hands. “How do I keep forgetting so easily?” Thankful for new direction & wisdom.


  • Small businesses take a lot of work. Thankful for opportunities but also; for new exciting adventures, involving a passion in our soul’s and doing what we love.


  • How God continues to work in our lives to accomplish His work.


  • Waiting for direction can be hard; God continues to open our eyes to the broader picture.


  • Potty training for a little girl who has no use of her legs is a challenge. But there is MUCH progress! God’s given her a strong determination in that little soul of hers.



  • Running errands with daddy day for a sweet little boy. For Bonding time, and a little piece and quiet. ::smile::


  • Romantic dates with my man, and the fun times we have cooking together = amazing meal! God gave me better than I deserve.



  • For progress, even with our construction moving along slowly. For a husband who not only loves and provides, but has an amazing ability to build and make things absolutely beautiful.



  • For the blessing of understanding, grace and rekindled friendships.


  • For yummy festive cookies, and the joy of bringing a piece of my heart daily to my family; through cooking and providing healthy, and fun meals and snacks for my loves, even when I’m tired. (Recipe for my readers here.)



  • For Friday night pizza/movie nights. Simple, fun, family, traditions.



  • For Asian Princess tails, and little girl giggles.



  • For the “Singing telegram” from a certain little 4 year old boy with kisses & hugs taboot! I’m a loved & blessed momma.


  • For record breaking February  gorgeous “non winter” weather.



  • Growing boys and big jobs well done.



  • The moments of joy and abundant blessings that almost make our hearts skip a beat and bring tears of joy to our eyes.



  • The giggles and squeaks that come with beautiful weather.



  • Despite 10 hours of driving total – good doctor reports are a sure blessing for a weary soul.


  • Prayers answered, peace given, more safety, and even more hope. Praising Jesus for the precious gift of life, God has given to us. She’s worth it!



  • A much needed lazy Saturday; and the 3 “little woman” that grace my life.



  • For a “just because momma feels like blessing her family a little extra today breakfast.” Smiling faces of my loved ones.