glory-chasing | january

My goal for 2017 is to record each months blessings that have caught my attention; while also looking for ones I may not have otherwise seen, if I wasn’t looking for them in the first place. My desire it to train my eyes to seek out God’s glory in the everyday, while I spend my year glory-chasing. I want these monthly posts to give praise to Jesus alone for each blessing, or  lesson I have learned. Read more about my glory-chasing goal here.


Let my mouth be filled with Your praise And with Your glory all the day.”  Psalm 71:8

glory-chasing | january 2017




  • In time of sickness God provided a needing bonding time for our family.


  • Sometimes plans change, and we don’t understand why. Remembering, His ways are always perfect.


  • Hearing your little girls doctor say – “there’s improvement” with one of her medical issues. A simple reminder that God is not finished with this story.


  • Being reminded despite our little girls body being riddled with life sucking tumors – that God is still holding her in the palm of His hands.


  • After little to no sleep and a shameful attitude, God still extends much grace.


  • When the budget it tight, we’ve not been forgotten. God pulls through with an unexpected blessing in the mail.


  • How 1 year and 10 months ago, our little girl has opened up drastically. She trusts us, and is a confident ray of sunshine. Her personality shining bright is an amazing gift.



  • Prayers slowly being answered much different than we would have expected. Different directions just means more growth and a chance for new beginnings.


  • Life is so terribly short, and loved ones won’t always be with us forever. Breath of life is a blessing.


  • When discouragement becomes disheartening – one must continue to cling tightly to The One who holds all, and knows all. God’s got my heart in mind.


  • Looking back in my rear view mirror and seeing how my little girl is all grown up. The young adult years are just as precious!


  • God given HOPE that we will one day meet again. A great comfort for a bleeding heart.


  • When bad weather allows for an extra evening of blessed family time. Family is a treasure.


  • When hard days work load ends with a good food soak, and a time to relax. Work is good and satisfactory; but relaxation is oh so wonderful for aches and pains. Thankful for a time of rest.


  • When our little world around us becomes frozen in time; but for a moment. God upcyles an ugly snow-less dreary winter – and creates something beautiful.



  • The sweet sounds of life that capture our hearts and lift our spirits. Little giggles, the trickling steaming water being poured from the kettle, the crunch ones foot makes when walking through the snow.


  • The quiet that comes to our home during nap time. Thankful for Peaceful moments.


  • How worshipful-praise lifting, God honoring music can be a blessing in our lives – when our souls need it most.



  • How God leads His dear children along. Answered prayers – even if they were different than what we were expecting, or don’t completely understand.


  • The Lord keeps His children in perfect peace – whose minds are focused on Him.


  • How God continually blesses steps of faith. God blesses obedience.


  • Anticipation that comes from waiting…for the very best. #firstrealsnowfall2017



  • When things are done simply with purpose – it really changes things; affecting all for the better. God gives direction.


  • How a big brother can sit on the floor and comfort his crying little sister. The end resulting in — “I love you.” – Little sister 3  “I love you, too.” – Big brother 12.  Small blessings.


  • Rejoicing in the fact that my little girl wore her ridiculous but helpful bar brace ALL night long without any issues or tears. Also waking up with sunshine in her veins! It also meant mommy got to sleep all night too! Uninterrupted sleep is a blessing. Especially after a year of tears almost every night.



  • How my wedding ring still glistens and gleams.  My husband is a blessing.


  • For joyous laughter, snowball fights and forts – while screams of delight fill the air, during thrilling sled rides. For the beauty in the little things.



  • How God provides friendship – and He still gives us people who can walk this journey with us, hand in hand. Friendship is a gift.


  • For the ability to homeschool, and not only watch my children blossom and learn in their own ways; but for the community of homeschoolers we are able to be a part of. God created community and the desire for it.


  • Putting together a pile of memories into a video/slideshow format on into the wee hours of the morning. I dislike goodbyes. It’s hard to even say that word. and though our hearts already ache, we know how important it will mean for their hurting souls. Thankful for great memories, and much growth.


  • To be loved so much and missed so much. For the years of memories and growth; but also for the chance to grow even more; even when its hard to move on. For bittersweet days – and bright hope for the days and years to come.



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