My goal for 2017 is to record each months blessings that have caught my attention; while also looking for ones I may not have otherwise seen, if I wasn’t looking for them in the first place. My desire it to train my eyes to seek out God’s glory in the everyday, while I spend my year glory-chasing. I want these monthly posts to give praise to Jesus alone for each blessing, or lesson I have learned. Read more about my glory-chasing goal here.


Let my mouth be filled with Your praise And with Your glory all the day.” Psalm 71:8

glory-chasing | march 2017



  • For eyesight. And the provision for new glasses. God provides.


  • For clearer direction; and like mindedness. He breaks the chains of our hearts, to help us see areas that need more work in our lives.


  • When our hearts remain heavy; we can rest assured – God knows and He is perfectly able. And if He doesn’t take this away; there is a perfectly good reason. I just need to grow and keep trusting.



  • After a long day of self pity and despair – God pulls me through the muck & mire, “just trust me.”


  • Medical insurance finally approved another needed scan for our little girl. God’s timing is always best.


  • Moments quickly captured – a love of siblings, not by blood but by God’s beautiful woven stories of adoption. God sets the lonely in families.



  • For a little girl who loves her daddy dearly. God knew we needed even more joy in our lives, so He gave us Adie.


  • Homeschooling can be so much fun! I am blessed.



  • For some fun days thrown in on the calendar, and for the color GREEN. God’s world is covered with green.




  • For the tiny surprises a momma finds on her phone. And for my proud little builder.



  • For a big sisters love.  Thankful for such a great helper.



  • For a beautiful first day of spring. For a fresh new season of growth and beauty; even for the soul.



  • For the unexpected. Thunder snow in spring! Catching snowflakes on tongues.



      • For good biblically sound preaching. “I am immensely wealthy in Jesus!”


      • For the blessing of being a mommy to a young woman who is no longer a little girl. For celebration of treasured life & years. 



    • 2 years home. So much has changed & we’re more blessed than we were 2 years ago – all because we said “yes” to adoption. <3 Only regret we have; we should have done it sooner!



  • I’ve been  momma to one of the best huggers and most affectionate soft hearted little guys. He always knows when a hug or a kiss on the cheek is in order, even when we didn’t realize we needed one. Hard to believe how much he has grown.