Back in January my husband and I took on the venture of “updating” big things in our home.  We didn’t have a huge budget for this, and so we had to make due with what we could. In the post 9 Years New, you can see how we easily updated big things for very little money.

This past weekend I FINALLY finished up a project that made our Master Bathroom Makeover complete!  So, even though we have done this bathroom makeover in spurts, {the painting was done WAY back in January.} At least it’s done, and I am thrilled with the outcome – and excited to share it with you.


BEFORE shower2


paintedwall1 showercurtain2

{My husband made the shower curtain rod out of pipe he bent. And we just painted it.} 

The bathroom sink. Just a few coats of paint and walla!
sink1 sink2
Toilet paper holder…look what PAINT can do!
toiletpaperholder1 toiletpaperholder2
The towel hooks…
towelhook1 towelhooks2
The towel holder…
towelholder1 DSCF7736 
The Jacuzzi facet. {I never took a before shot of this.} :sniff:
And last but not least…the shower curtain! I made this over the weekend and it completed the bathroom “Makeover.”

Months ago we took down the doors, to paint. But in the process found mold build up. {Truthfully, I never liked the doors to begin with.} So, this gave us a perfect excuse to get rid of them! Winking smile I thought purchasing a shower curtain would be EASY. But, after searching online I couldn’t find a single shower curtain that would fit the length we needed! I found a website where you could get custom lengths. But disliked very much their styles and couldn’t see myself paying almost quadruple what it costed to actually “makeover” our bathroom!  SO, what’s a girl to do?

Make her own of course!

I must admit, I was frightfully scared. I’ve never sewn anything this LARGE. Ever. And I didn’t even have a pattern! I don't know smile AH!

I used the custom liner we had to buy as my guide. {Speaking of liner. I only paid $10 for the custom length, and had to trim several inches off.} When I went to the fabric store, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do as far as “the look.” I knew I wanted it fairly plain and simple with a little “country” look to it, and that was it.

I wanted very little seams as possible. So, I went directly to the upholstery side of the store. And found these very beautiful large pieces of fabric.

In the isle at Joann’s is wear my designing came into play. Don’t ask my husband…but, it took me FOREVER to come up with a design, but it’s done and over with. Smile

Sadly I never made a tutorial of this project. If I ever make one again, I’ll be sure to share!

showercurtainBEFORE showercurtainruffle pinningontheruffle showercurtain1
Tada…it turned out better then I imagined! AND I put it all together in less then 3 hours! YAY!
Now I believe I have confidence to make bedding! Smile
The most expensive part of our makeover was the fabric for the shower curtain. Rolling on the floor laughing With coupons I purchased all the fabric and thread for about $35.
{A custom shower curtain in this length was going to be well over a hundred!}

What are some frugal ways you’ve made over rooms in your home? 

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