Some may call adoption an adventure, and really we wholeheartedly agree. For us, it was a call to simply trust & obey the Lord. On these wild, clearly opened door experiences – we prayed, and God clearly pointed out on two different occasions, that there were two little girls we were to make part of our family. He opened our hearts towards multiple special needs in both adoptions. We stepped out in faith to follow a burden the Lord placed on our hearts – to care for two little girls who no longer had parents to care for them. The Lord opened the doors, we walked through, and believed He would provide for our every need. We have been overwhelmed throughout both adoptions, time and again how simple faith in our ultimate provider brings abounding blessings beyond our imaginations or expectations. The Lord continues to open our eyes to many new things. We’re honored and privileged to not only tend to our little girls’ medical needs, but most importantly to share with them the love of Jesus, and the love of a family. Our family.