After 36 hours of travel we arrived home July 9th after adopting our new daughter from Chin@.

Our lives will be forever changed in more ways than one. This trip was nothing like our first adoption trip. Not even close.
This adoption trip was off the charts crazy exciting! It was also more stressful, and more challenging – with many new adventures thrown in! From spending hours and hours in a couple foreign domestic airports and a train station, experiencing some time in the Chinese countryside, brushing our teeth outside by the water pump, sleeping on pallets, receiving my first centipede bite – and hopefully my last, experiencing an ice cold shower – because hot water just wasn’t available, eating plenty of strange foods – simply because we were hungry enough, having no access to clean drinking water, discovering squatty potties are also communal potty troughs, as well as spending the night in an orphanage, and finding it ever so hard to leave so many children behind. It also was the time we met our daughter before our actual Gotcha day – who would have known? The airport?!

Told ya! Off the charts exciting and heart wrenching all rolled into one.

So after almost a full month in Chin@.  H O M E  has never seemed sweeter. And having our whole family together again has left me feeling SO very blessed – despite the new crazy! But I’ll be writing all about that later. But for now – let me introduce to you, our new daughter:




We’ve been home for almost two weeks now. Adie is doing well adjusting. She is being well loved on. And she’s just trying to take it all in. She’s still learning who we are. And we know, it will take some time. But she can have all the time her little heart needs!

Praise the Lord with us! In HIS time He makes things beautiful. We are overwhelmed once again by the Lord’s faithfulness!


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