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1661: love

When I was a young, I enjoyed watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. As a mother today, the shows available on TV today make me squirm. They have little to no educational value, let alone good morals. Nothing but mindless, worldly indoctrination. Over the years I have purchased a few Mr. Roger DVD’s to share with my children. Absolute treasures!

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what adoption families want you to know | but struggle to tell you

I asked this question in several online adoption groups: “If you were bold enough and had the words to say it, and you knew they wouldn’t be offended by your spoken words. What would you want family, and friends to know about the adoption process, during the adoption process, and post adoption? What would you tell them if you could?” I asked this question to over 2,450 adoption families. And out of that number – these were the most repeated answers to my question.

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a piece of the story

Never would we have imagined we’d be back on this Adoption journey again so soon, you can read about that specifically here. But one thing for sure is, there is a little girl on the other side of the world who is waiting for us to come and get her. And any parent will understand even just a little bit the ramifications of that very fact.

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our adoption #2 expenses

We are sharing this list for a few various reasons: 1.} Considering our efforts to earn extra money for our adoption, and the gifts we’ve already received, we believe it is very important for us to share our expenditures with those of you who’ve given or who wish to give. We want to be transparent on where the actual gifted money and so forth is going.

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our adoption #2 timeline

July 22, 2015 – saw her sweet face on the CCAI website. August 16, 2015 – we asked to see her file, after seeing her face so often on the site, and other advocacy sites. August 17, 2015 – we were informed this little girl had a long list of families, and we’d be added to that list to review her file. (We never anticipated we’d ever see her file.)

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part of our crazy | saving your seat

The piles of laundry in our home could become my full time job! Seriously it’s terrible. We’ve cut back our clothing, I’ve tried every way to make things easier. But yet – I have these moments, I carry the folded laundry to be put away in their designated spots. I look at the folded piles of laundry, it looks like I’m missing a

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one word 2016 | faith

It’s been a tradition for several years (4 years to be exact) to pick a word that I will practice and put into action in the coming year. The words I’ve chosen over the years have served as my ultimate goal for the new year.

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life abundant

Things have been sparse here. In fact they’ve been rather quiet for several months, but you may have never noticed. And that’s perfectly okay. The fact is, It’s not that I haven’t felt like writing or that I haven’t had anything to say. It’s been the complete opposite.

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the orphanage visit

Yesterday we had the most amazing chance of visiting our daughters orphanage. I was nervous about it, in more ways than one – however we knew our daughters orphanage has always been part of her story. It’s really all she’s ever known.

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your china adoption questions – answered

I feel like I can say this now – because my husband and I have now been on “both sides of the fence”, not because we’re experts either because ha, we’re far from that! We’ve been only home 3 months going on 4 with our sweetie.

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ours forever

Waiting. The one thing that stands strong and clear when it comes to the adoption process. Some days the waiting is almost unbearable.

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You’ve found my little cozy place on the web.

You’ve found my little cozy place on the web.

I first and foremost want to shatter any possibility or assumptions; my life isn't as polished or pristine as my blog. This tiny corner is just a very small representation of my life, where bits and pieces of it are shared. I don’t claim to have it all figured out — and I certainly don’t have it all together, but I know The One who does! He’s shaping and re-forming my frayed edges on a daily basis. My desire is that my very flawed writings will only point you ever closer to the one who so graciously makes hearts whole, and fills them with an everlasting joy. I just desperately pray that I won’t obscure the breathtaking view. I'm honored you're here.

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