The Munchkins and I enjoy putting together little gifts or Valentine’s Day. Sometimes when we’re extra busy we just buy the cute little valentine cards, and attach a piece of candy, we’ve also made our own paper ones. But the last few years I’ve tried something new every year. It’s not only a fun time putting the Valentines together, giving us memories to share,  Here’s one we’ve done a couple times already….we call them “Pocket Valentines.”

To make your pocket valentines you will need:
1. A Sewing Machine
2. Thread {any color of choice}
3. Wax Paper
4. Candy, Cookie’s or small goodies to stuff your pockets
We chose to make mini heart sugar cookies, for our pocket stuffers. And a few larger ones for Sunday School teachers at our Church.
 We baked our cookies and had fun decorating them.

Our decorated little confections, ready to become pocket stuffers!

Next we took small pieces of wax paper, folded it in half and then cut right down the middle 
to make 2 pockets.{You can really make any size you want.}

 Next I used the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I stitched down the sides  to create a
sleeve like pocket.

I grabbed a Munchkins to stuff the pockets. Then they were handed back to me to sew shut.

Later down our “assembly line” I had another helper “trimming” the strings at the end of the stitches.

We made 30 pocket valentines  this year. It took us less then an hour.

{Excluding the time to bake and decorate the cookies that is.}
 I quickly printed off some “love Bible verses” even labled the Munchkins names on it. {As much as I love for them to sign their name on every single one… this saves SO much time.} And this way every child recieved one valentine from all 3 of my children, instead of having to make one valentine for each of my children to hand out.

We also made a few heart pockets and filled them with m&m’s!

What do you do for Valentine’s Day Cards? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Adapted and Inspired by Martha Stewart Living