I’m very sure you will all LOVE this giveaway! It’s aaamaaazing! {sung in an opera voice!}
For some time I have seen Lilla Rose products.

 To be honest, I just figured these pretty little clips were just simply pretty little clips.  {I am sometimes skeptical about products.} But boy am I glad that Independent Lilla Rose Consultant Paula Miller {from Whole Intentions} offered me a free product to try. Because she’s won me over! Smile
I decided to try the Simple Band Dark Wood Flexi Clip!
I was excited to find out that the sliding pin is attached! I often times use another kind of hair clip that I seem to always loose the pin/stick for them. {Score for Lilla Rose!}  
As a very busy wife, mommy and homemaker I want to look put together, as well as feel comfortable while I go about my daily work. I often find myself throwing my hair up in a quick bun or pony tail. But NOW I can “throw” my hair up and still look and feel pretty, in minutes!
Over the last few weeks, I’ve found a new love. The Flexi Clip! And it’s truly amazing!

I can dress up my ponytail or put my hair up in an easy peasy half-up, french twist etc…  It so simple to use and looks pretty.  

Watch how easy it is to do a French Twist!
Lilla Rose carries a wide variety of Flexi Clips
Lilla Rose pic #4Lilla Rose pic #6
and lots of other cute hair accessories like dressy bobby pins,
Lilla Rose youpin
hair sticks,
hair sticks
and more!  
The Giveaway:
1 Lilla Rose Hair Accessory of Choice

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The giveaway was provided by Independent Lilla Rose Consultant Paula Miller. The product was furnished to me for review at no cost. Review was solely based on my own honest opinions. I was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. All opinions expressed are my own.