random fun facts | about esther



An Army Base
An old renovated historical, 6 story hotel
An old family farm
An apartment  – that was located in an old 3 story Church building


A Crisis Pregnancy Center
An Association for Bankers
An Insurance Company


The 3 story L shaped barn on the farm, with an attached milking station
The stable attic where we would plan, dream and stick our feet outside of the loft door, and watch the wind blow the corn field. It looked like an ocean.
Under the gigantic pine tree in the front yard.
In the walk up attic, through the tiny Alice in Wonderland door – it opened up into a LARGE dream of a place to play.


When I was a young adult, I had the amazing opportunity to meet, and eat lunch with Elisabeth Elliot & her husband Lars Gren.

Joshua Harris Author of (I Kissed Dating Goodbye & Boy Meets Girl)



There is one important staple that is required for the pantries of the women in our family – Hot Tamales!

Dark chocolate is wonderful, but not too dark.

I don’t drink pop/soda – it makes me sick.

Rootbeer is the only exception, but only a small amount.

A cup of iced water with lemon, sweet tea, or fruit infused water suits my tummy perfectly.

I could LIVE on fresh fruit

Dragon Fruit, Pineapple & Strawberries wins hands down!

I feed my family a home cooked Asian meal once a week. We love it that much!

I have the best secret pie recipe. EVER.

It’s my husband. 😉

Loose-leaf tea is always found in my beverage cupboard.

And don’t forget the Chai. 😉

I prefer Vanilla ice-cream over chocolate.

Yet, I adore almost everything else chocolate. 😀

I just can’t hack Lima Beans – I literally gag.

I seem to have a low tolerance for gluten. I try to avoid it as much as possible.



The majority of my wardrobe is from second hand stores, or sale racks.

I love the color red – just not solid red for my waredrobe.

It clashes with my red hair. 😉

I LOVE my cowboy boots – not only for the cuteness, but the height they give me.

I love a good pair of jeans, yet I enjoy dressing up really pretty in a dress.

Lace & linen make life beautiful.

I love aprons.



I’m naturally an outgoing person.

I love people and can talk to strangers easily.

Though I love to be around people, I also need my quiet space, to unwind.

So, I prefer a good balance.

I’m a planner and list maker. For. Everything. {Just ask my husband!} 😉

I tend to feel guilty when I rest, or find time to rejuvenate as a Mom.

I’m a really hard worker, and I try my best to get the job done, and on time.

Sometimes my husband has to remind me – to stop what I’m doing and just relax.

I know a balance is needed, so I am refreshed as a Mom & Wife.

I have a myriad of silly songs and many, many other songs from my childhood forever stored in my memory bank.

I love to sing!

And I randomly burst into song or hum a tune.

I may, or may not sing in the shower.

I love organization, and I continue to learn it’s okay to have organized mayhem and sticky floors. I like to call it, beautiful chaos.

I rarely ever purchase anything besides groceries at full price, ever. I can’t bring myself to it.

According to Dave Ramsey I’m more of a nerd, with a touch of free spirit. 😉

I don’t mess with coupons much, unless It’s a deal I just can’t pass up. I just don’t have time to clip and keep track of, and most of the items I never buy anyway.



I’m 5′ 1.5 but I always round it to 5’2 – hey, that half inch makes a BIG difference for some folks. (:

When husband isn’t around, I on occasion must climb the counter top to get to the very top shelf of the cupboard for something I cannot stretch or reach otherwise from ground level. (My husband bought me a folding stool, but I have no convenient place to put it in my kitchen.)

Sometimes I have a child do the climbing for me.

I really don’t notice I’m shorter than others until, they stand right next to me and we begin a conversation.



I’ve never been to the spa or have ever gotten a professional pedicure or manicure. Maybe I don’t know what I’m missing?!

I’ve never once dyed or highlighted my hair. Though I’ve never really had any gray hairs to cover up yet. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I do?


My first name is always misspelled like: Ester. PLEASE, don’t forget the H!

My dad wanted to call me Hadassah, (Haddie for short) thankfully Mom had a part in the naming process too! 😉

One of my sisters predicted I would have a passel of boys when I married. {I have 4!}

My typing speed is 75-80 words per minute.

I love history.

I find I can get thoughts out better when writing. My speech is not as articulate. Therefore, I write better than I talk.

I haven’t watched a TV show, in I don’t know how many years.

I’d rather be reading, blogging or working on a project

However, I do watch movies with the fam for movie nights.

I owned my own home bakery for 10 years – designing cakes.

My favorite cakes to create – were wedding cakes! {I still find myself doing one or two now and then.}

The tallest wedding cake I ever made was 5 tiers high.

The heaviest wedding cake I ever made was 4 tiers high – with the bottom layer being 18 inches round.

Out of dozens and dozens of wedding cakes, I’ve only had one cake fall over – and it wasn’t my fault – someone from the wedding party tried to move the cake, by placing it on a serving table with wheels, after I left from setting it up. {I was called back to see what I could salvage.) Thankfully, I always brought spare icing and a my decorating kit.

I have 14 siblings! {8 sisters & 6 brothers.}

And no, our family was not a blended family, and there were no twins. 😉

My middle name is Renée – and some people just can’t pronounce it right with it’s spelling. It’s Ruh-nay, not Ruh-Knee.

Some family members call me Ettie, others call me Essie.

I have red hair and blue eyes. I’ve learned that it’s the rarest combination for redheads.

I’ve stood on the road, in the very spot that President Reagan was shot.

I am an auntie almost 15 times over!

I’ve moved 14 times in my entire life.

Between little siblings, my own children, Nieces and Nephews, babysitting, and working in Church nurseries, I’ve probably changed thousands, upon thousands of diapers in my lifetime…
And the diaper brigade continues. 🙂

If I could afford a maid, I’d hire out the bathrooms and all floors.

I was once a Puppeteer

My youth group and myself, even took our puppets to go get professional pictures at the mall once.

We use to perform Puppet Shows with our Puppet Team at a local Farmer’s Market, and all the time at Church.

I was born an army brat and Georgia peach.

Horses are my favorite animal.

Right now I homeschool 5 of my seven children.

I’ve never broken a bone in my body.

I never thought much about donating blood…until it played a part in saving my life. {God played the biggest part!}

Walking the Great Wall was never on my bucket list – yet, I’ve done it, and it was an amazing experience!

Going to China in my lifetime was never on my bucket list either. But I’m SO glad God had greater plans! Now pieces of my heart are there. And they will be for always.

Adoption was always something I wanted to do, someday.

And before my husband and I were married, I heard my future husband say the same thing, “someday.”

I took a class on Midwifery years ago – and still have an interest.

Becoming a certified Herbalist intrigues me. And it’s on my goals in life list. However for now, I’m dabbling in it for the fun of it only.

My favorite colors are: grays, greens and blues of all shades. And really all earthy/natural tones.

I am a second generation homeschooler.

I’m a sobbing sucker for adoption stories and videos.

I’ve ridden an elephant….at the zoo. 😉

I have a hidden adventurous side, especially for travel…

However, I consider myself a home body, too.