{From the old blog}
With a country farmhouse theme going on in our home, {and because I have a love for canning jars} we use canning jars for glasses. The thing I really love about them is…their cheap to replace if one breaks and I think the look is so “farmhouse-fabulous” ;0)


My 3 oldest children are old enough, they don’t need “sippy cups”. However, on Friday nights we have family movie night…and this brings us into our living room! The thought of an open cup on my freshly cleaned carpet makes me cringe! {We’ve had so many spills doing this, and hubby laughs when I give our “big kids” a sippy cup.} So… since we use half pint canning jars for “kid cups” I decided “Hey, why not make spill proof cups” for the living room, instead of buying them?! 


So I grabbed a few plastic screw top canning lids and hubby drilled a hole in them. Screwed the lid on, popped in a straw and viola, a spill proof cup for big kids!


Now we don’t use the lids when we are at the table. Only for special family nights, in the living room. ;0) But isn’t this nifty? We’ve been using them for almost 3 weeks now.
 {The kids have fun using them, and I don’t have to worry about spills!} :0)

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