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At the end of our 2011-2012 school year, our 5th baby was born. I felt our family was in desperate need of a new plan and schedule. And I wanted it in place before the new school year began.

I was feeling overwhelmed with housework while I was homeschooling. I was barely getting by  so it seemed. My other household responsibilities were failing. And failing miserably. {Momma’s please, tell me you’ve been here?!} Keeping house, Raising children and Homeschooling are all full-time jobs in and of themselves. And we won’t dare mention laundry! Between these “Full-Time jobs” the work was kicking my rear! Hard.

 I knew it was time to tweak our schedule and chores. {You’ve probably noticed a pattern here? I’m constantly tweaking our lives.} We are SO not perfect. I’ve noticed that when I have a plan in place, our days run more smoothly. Allowing us to breathe comfortably all while enjoying life’s little moments and pleasures. Sadly those moments weren’t getting noticed around here just a few months ago. Shamefully, this Wife, Momma and Homemaker was too stressed with life to even notice the sweet moments.

With our newly revamped daily schedule, we have been able to keep our home relatively clean, all while homeschooling 3 children {4th, 3rd and Kindergarten} while caring for a potty training toddler and a 5 1/2 month old teething baby.
{This schedule also includes keeping my laundry at bay!} And all God’s people said… ;0)
I have had a few “rotten days” where the schedule didn’t go as planned. But hey, those days happen! Fussy babies, or life throwing curve balls at us – it’s unadulterated LIFE! And with a plan in place, we are able to “catch back up” the next day – right where we left off.
I’ve attempted and tweaked for several years to get my housekeeping on a more consistent schedule, I’ve tried to make myself a schedule for different household tasks, such as vacuuming, mopping, and dusting on different days of the week – but it never worked for me. It still wasn’t enough to keep my home clean with our family. {Perhaps where just slobs? I don’t know.} 😉
I’ve been cutting out a lot more computer time for myself as well. Our computer is at a central place in our home. I’ve learned to NOT sit at the computer. {Yes, I will stand!} In the evenings or if I find time in the afternoon, I will then sit. But during the day, I have chosen NOT to sit. The less comfortable the better. I have learned to be more efficient with my computer time doing it this way.
While it may be nice to sit down, read a book or waste some time in the afternoons and just relax for a bit, a neat, clean house is just as relaxing, for me too. I’m one of those people who gets easily stressed when the house is cluttered and needs cleaned.
Join me next week, as I share with you the best kept secret I’ve learned in keeping a clean home!
I’m also excited to share with you our revamped schedule at the end of this series. It’s simple, and easily manageable. I’ve made a printable version as well! I’ll be including a couple more printable’s that will help keep the children involved in keeping things tidy around the home as well.


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