My husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage Sunday. We celebrated the day before with a few hours of errands and a nice little dinner, while my family watched over our children. A couple years ago, this wasn’t how we were planning to celebrate our 12th anniversary. No, we were going to GO BIG. Maybe even cruise big! 😉 But, God had other plans for us…adoption!
And we’re not the least bit disappointed. God’s plans are much better than our own. : ) And though our pocket book is extremely strapped, we are overjoyed to be celebrating 12 years of ups and downs together. We both agree, we love each other more than we ever did before. And that makes me SMILE with joy.
Yesterday we received our review of our home study! This 12 page document is basically a short biography and summary of our lives. It’s being sent to our adoption agency TODAY! Our home study will be included in our dossier, a large file that will contain very important documents, our home study, along with pictures of our family and my husband and I. This dossier file will be translated eventually into Mandarin and sent to the people’s republic of China.

The paper work seems never ending! Knowing it will continually be with us for several years, is somewhat daunting. But, the bulk of the paper process will be finished once we have our child in our arms. And that I know THAT is worth every paper cut we’ve endured, and will continue to endure! ; )

Please be praying for the upcoming finances we have as soon as our home study goes through strict review and translation. As soon as our home study is officially completed we can apply for a few adoption grants, that if we qualify, would be very helpful in our adoption process.

We’ve been busy selling a few natural homemade products, along with baked goods on the side. We will also be offering an adorable product for purchase soon! All proceeds will go directly toward our adoption as well! So, stay tuned! 🙂 The Lord has helped us accumulate enough funds through our sales to knock our adoption expenses down to $26,000!!

Our willingness to WAIT reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for. – Charles Stanley


We ask that you will continue to keep our adoption in your prayers.


1.) For the continued paper chase, as we have a few more documents that are headed out for more authentication and waiting for their return.

2.) That we would trust the Lord for his provisions, of our next up coming expenses. {Due as soon as our home study is officially completed and authenticated.}

3.) For our little one and the comfort she needs while in her orphanage. Pray the Lord will prepare her little heart for a family she is unaware of – who very much desires to care for her and love her unconditionally despite her health, and or disabilities that she may have.

4.) For continued patience, and trust in the Lord as we are learning more of what all that really means. 🙂


This journey isn’t for the faint at heart for sure we’re finding out. We’re learning and being strengthened in areas we already “thought” we had learned. Our trust and patience has been growing in areas I never ‘thought’ possible. It’s true, adoption is a VERY loooong road. But, in the end – it WILL be worth it all!

So we continue on.

Grow me, Lord.
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