We begin our 11th year of homeschooling in about a week and a half. It’s a hard thing to swallow. Yet again, another summer is already fading into the uttermost parts of what will be a memory.



As I organize and prep for the new school year, I wanted to share these thoughts mulling around in my homeschooling momma heart. Because if you haven’t already figured it out, homeschooling ain’t a walk in the park! There are some very hard days that either make God’s light shine bright in my life, or like a weakly lit candle hidden beneath my selfishness. The choice to die to self and serve these humans placed within my daily path in front of me, is often one of my biggest struggles of service for me!


Choosing the most important things in life, is hard to do. Like many other born sinners, I enjoy instant gratification! Shocker, I know! Homeschooling is truly a full time job no matter what you do or use. On top of mothering, running a small business, making dinner, tending to the garden, finding time for others outside my home, keeping house and being the best god-honoring wife I can be, while finding time in prayer and God’s Word. Folks, I haven’t even talked about the things I really find myself “enjoying a lot!” Like curling up and reading a good book, blogging, mixing up new herbal blends, capturing moments with my camera, studying to become an herbalist, advocating for orphans, creating something really savvy, or just mindlessly perusing down Facebook to catch up on the latest – because people; how can anyone really live without seeing what so and so, had for dinner? Or what trip they recently took? In all seriousness though – are any of these things necessarily wrong? No.


My problem seems to be with the delayed instant gratification. There is nothing “instant” about homeschooling or raising my children for that matter. It plays tug of war within my heart. This selfish struggle wreaks havoc. I want to see the outcome of these laborious child-rearing homeschooling years. I want to see the end result, is that too much to ask for? Right here, right now, I raise my hand in surrender. I struggle with this because I’m a selfish homeschooling mom!


The choice to homeschool has continued to lay so heavily on my husband and I’s hearts, despite the struggle. Our choice to homeschool has brought some difficult sacrifices we’ve had to make for our family, year after year. (As does this apply to so many other areas, of ALL those living the Christian life.) I must gauge and reschedule and revamp often, in order to keep my heart and soul at bay in this daily struggle, to choose the eternal things FIRST over the earthly; because ultimately souls are the only things we can take with us.


Our 24/7, 7 days a week homeschool lifestyle decision was not something we took lightly. Yearly we choose to sacrifice financially to be able to give our children the best we can give them. Finding ways that work well with our family at this time. But I tell you truth, it’s hard almost every year financially, but God has always provided for our homeschooling needs.

Don’t ever allow money or fear be reasons to excuse yourself, from what God might be calling you to do. He ALWAYS equips the willing obedient heart. Share


It’s not just about the finances either. My husband and I sacrifice much day in and day out. The way we choose to spend our time and so on. These sacrificing die to self days, have been chosen to be looked at as an investment of souls given to US on loan. Not anyone else, but US.


Just like everything else the Lord has blessed us with on this earth, we will make the best eternal INVESTMENT with our children as we possibly can. Share


Homeschooling is a wonderful blessing despite those hard days. Isn’t that the truth for many things in life? My husband and I have learned SO much about ourselves, and our children. I have learned how completely selfish I can really be. I’ve been given more time with my children than most parents are able in this day and age. Though sometimes hard, this time is something I will never look back on and regret. This time has never been wasted!


Homeschooling has given my husband and I more time to INVEST in the most important thing right now in our lives, our children’s hearts and souls. Now, hear me out! I am not saying homeschooling guarantees perfect children who will walk with the Lord for the rest of their days on this earth. Absolutely not!


However, homeschooling HAS given us a longer opportunity to instill, train, and motivate our children in their strengths, encourage them in their weaknesses, challenge them in real life situations in and outside our home. Allowing opportunities to SEE how we handle situations moment by moment. Each of our children are learning life coping skills while watching US. Because my husband and I have been with our children the most, they will be influenced by us the MOST. This can be a scary thought, trust me! However, it does encourage my momma heart to live out life, loving Jesus more, so that those eyes looking up at me (or some of the older ones down at me) will see Jesus through me.



Homeschooling has allowed our children to experience life outside of a classroom setting, without all the unneeded distractions and confusions at this critical time in their precious fragile lives – childhood. Before long, my husband and I will set our children out on that perch, encouraging them to flex those wings and prepare to fly! Until then, I pray we can continue to encourage them to use what they’ve been taught, not only in their academic studies, but in how they interact with others. How to really love and care for people like Jesus, how to think outside the box, to go that extra mile when life gets hard. To do the right thing when no one else is doing it, or when no one is looking their direction. To try new things, to lead and know how to follow the leader. To sacrifice. To invest in the eternal. And my favorite, we don’t just get to pray for them every day, we get to pray WITH them every day!


So when my selfish homeschool momma’s heart feels the struggle of not getting instant results, Lord, may my soul ache for a heart that fervently desires that my time be spent; on eternal investments.

What will make the most impact in your life eternally right now?  Whatever that is.   INVEST IN THAT MOMMA! Share