My friend was getting married last weekend and I was to be making her wedding cake – as was I to be taking it easy due to a pregnancy with mild complications. {I knew I couldn’t do this one alone.} So my sister came to stay with us for a week to help accomplish this labor of love for my sweet friend.

Needless to say, the week went sour – and quickly! I ended up in our little town’s local doctor’s office. Later to find out why I was feeling so awful with no energy to claim as my own. I had been diagnosed with Influenza A. My heart rate was dangerously high, along with the belief that my baby was under stress and needing a possible c-section. I was not allowed to leave the doctors office. I was told if my husband couldn’t pick me up,{He was working 2 hours away} I was going to be sent to hospital via ambulance. {Are you serious, I drove myself here!}

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The next morning I woke in the hospital, hooked to an IV and my pregnant belly strapped with all kinds of monitors. My body was weak, and I was exhausted – and I had the fear of not being able to finish my sweet friends wedding cake. As I laid there I was reminded that unexpected events happen.

The next day, we found out that the job my husband just started just weeks before was closing down. {Really?!}

Not sure why, but God has sent us these tests. These unexpected events have been allowed to shower us. – Our heavenly Father, who cares nothing more then to watch His children come through the fire refined as pure gold, has not left us.
We are told to count our tests and trials as JOY.

Pure joy!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we will face trials of every kind in this life. Each trial has been designed specifically for us – for purposes of which God knows and allows. The Lord is in each storm we face. He is causing all things to work out for our good if we love and obey Him.
God’s blessings are numerous and unending that we should be grateful every moment of every day.
Often it’s all too easy to get so caught up in our routine that we lose sight of all that He has done for us. When trials do come, we wonder if God still loves us, and whether He actually has a plan for our lives.

This past week I’ve been reminded to 
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances,” as Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5 . . . even when walking through those “dark valleys”.
Giving thanks in all circumstances is a hard spiritual discipline to cultivate. But the rewards are well worth the effort: a peaceful heart, overflowing joy, and the ability to face trouble without bitterness or fear.
So when you get handed that Test from your next life lesson…
will you come out with a A+ or an F? 
Count it all JOY friend, and let’s walk together with confidence! For we’re wrapped in arms of endless grace & love.
Oh, and if you were wondering…even after losing a day and a half of being in the hospital – the Lord allowed my sister and I to pull off my sweet friend’s wedding cake. 🙂
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