We’ve done a lot of waiting throughout our adoption process, and we know the waiting still continues, however we can’t really express exactly how excited we are… we have been bombarded with blessing, after blessing, and so much answered prayer!

This is what happened TODAY…

Not really that kind of lid, as in a lid for your large stock pot. We just thought we’d have a little fun with this adoption acronym that stands for Log-In-Date. ;PLID simply means that China has acknowledged receipt of our dossier. Our dossier will be completely translated and reviewed. We were told it would be about 3 weeks to log in our dossier once it
arrived in China. HA! God’s been keeping us on our toes! We haven’t been able to sit since last Friday, seriously!

And to top the day off, we got home from an appointment with a letter in the mail…We were blessed with a grant from SHOW HOPE!!!

Will you praise the LORD with us? This adoption story is unfolding into a beautiful God-filled journey of hope, patience and unending, faithful blessings. Right now – tears have filled our eyes.

The Lord is faithful. He’s so faithful.

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