When I was a young, I enjoyed watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. As a mother today the shows available on TV today, make me squirm. They have little to no educational value, let alone good morals. Nothing but mindless, worldly indoctrination.

Over the years I have purchased a few Mr. Roger DVD’s to share with my children. Absolute treasures! Why can’t they make programming like this anymore?

A couple years ago, I discovered Amazon’s prime subscription carries all of the shows available for free viewing with a prime subscription!

The other day, my 3 littlest Munchkins were in the living room watching the show 1661: Love. I was in the kitchen making dinner – when I heard one of the simplest, yet very profound quotes  filled with so much meaning. Mr. McFeely exclaimed:

People can’t love unless somebody loves them first.

Because LOVE (hard love) has been on my radar as of late. The quote literally filled my eyes with tears. Mainly loving people who are very hard to love.

Loving despite how exhausted or tired I am.
Loving despite my circumstances.
Loving even if I’m being pushed away.
Loving when I have no desire to do so.


Loving because, I am loved!
Loving, because so many times I’ve turned away from HIM – and I don’t deserve such love.

So this quote hangs in my home as a reminder for this wife, momma, sister, daughter & friend. A reminder for me to SHOW LOVE, at ALL TIMES, in ALL MOMENTS.

Because, Jesus continues to love me.

As one who has so freely accepted the most amazing gift, of REAL GENUINE LOVE. I have absolutely no excuse not to LOVE.

I LOVE (Him) because He FIRST LOVED ME. (1 Jn 4:9)

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