reclaimed peanut brittle & a recipe

reclaimed peanut brittle & a recipe

Over the years I occasionally through trial and era have tossed out several pounds of my brittle failure. I even chewed and chewed, and swallowed because I couldn’t stand seeing it tossed out. Well, this year once again – I made my favorite Christmas delight like I do each year. Mind you, I haven’t had a failed attempt for a couple years now, this recipe is AMAZING and super easy. It really will give any non cook kitchen credibility that will make them soar! Serious business people. But this was THE year for a failure to happen.

chocolate crepes with strawberry-raspberry sauce

Our family has a great LOVE for crepes! And because it’s almost valentines day, and on this particular holiday; chocolate and the color red seems to dominate – I thought it was a very appropriate to share with you a recipe that I adapted some time ago. It...

nacho cheese chowder

It was an evening that we were just “eating out of the pantry.”  You frugal Momma’s know exactly what I’m talking about! The “try and stretch your menu night” was at it’s bare minimum. The needed ingredients for recipes was...