Jake {4}: “Mommy, what are you doing?!” 

Mommy: “I’m ironing.” 

Jake {4}: “Huh, I’ve never seen you do that in my WHOLE life!”

Mommy: Embarrassed smile

While you may be chuckling to yourself, {I too find it rather funny!} 
The sad thing is, to a certain degree, it’s true!
Ironing is my weak spot in life and I’m not afraid to admit it! I greatly dislike – more like hate this mundane chore. Though I can’t stand wrinkles! Confusing?! Yea, I don’t understand it either!
I’m sure you have a chore or task you dislike more than anything?! {Please, make me feel better, and tell me that you DO!} Ha!
I often find myself trudging my feet as I walk to the Laundry room – knowing I have a HUGE pile of clothes hanging and waiting for the hot iron. Normally my bad attitude is present before I’ve even begun. {Talk about starting off on the wrong foot!}
I’ve learned that we may not always enjoy everything we do. 
And I’ve learned it’s NOT okay to have an awful attitude while doing these mundane tasks, and it NOT okay to never do them or avoid them altogether!
The last few years I’ve found a few ways to make the outright mundane chores a more pleasurable and more rewarding experience, while helping me keep a good attitude while doing it.
Which brings us to this lovely reminder this week!  Winking smile
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”  Colossians 3:23

Helpful Tips for the Outright Mundane:

  • Change that Attitude!: Get in a better mood. {Colossians 3:23} Do your chore heartily {with gusto and without reservation, happily}. Remember who we are ultimately doing it for.
  • Do the Distasteful Chores FIRST: Get them out of the way so it is not weighing you down and causing you to procrastinate, just DO THEM!
  • Teach & Delegate: Do you have servants children at home? Even the little 2 year old can help do chores! Assign your little or big helpers to a duty. As moms, it is our responsibility to prepare our children to take care of their own home some day. And what a better way then to teach, show and delegate. {Killing two birds with one stone!} Use this opportunity to teach new skills!
  • Turn up the Radio: When I have my favorite CD playing or favorite playlist on grooveshark going {often times a thought provoking challenging podcast} it always helps me forget I am doing something I really don’t enjoy {and it helps me keep a better attitude.} Before I know it, I am done!
  • Reward Yourself:  I am often more motivated to do a chore I dislike when I promise myself that I can sit down for a few minutes to read a chapter or two in a book, or doing other activities that I enjoy, like blogging or scrapbooking etc… When we have something to look forward to it’s easier to finish the task.
Now, let’s go get busy, and get those chores done!
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