You should Plan to Eat!
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If you are anything like me, you enjoy bringing to the table a delicious meal for your family.
Sometimes it’s taken pain, sweat, and maybe a few pulling of the hairs to get there.

 I love pulling out recipes and figuring out what we’ll be eating for the next two weeks. Though the process of making a menu has never been the most enjoyable! After my hard work has paid off and I end up with a menu full of yummy foods. Many family favorites with a few new recipes thrown in to try.

Before this amazing website, meal planning was painstaking! Often taking me several hours to get  my menu & a grocery list together. Leaving me little time left to spare. Although the process took time I still enjoyed the outcome of having a game plan for my family. No matter how hard the work it took to get there. I kept pursuing! The final product of bringing that hot meal to the table, brought much joy to my heart time and time again.

What if I told you about a meal planning program, that cost very little and saved me time and money? Would you want to hear about it? {I thought you’d be curious!} Winking smile

My Mom is an incredible woman! Period. She’s always finding ways to make life run smoother and less stressful. {With 9 children still at home{15 children total!}She discovered this program and shared it with my sisters and I. I was beyond thrilled when my Mom introduced me to Plan to Eat! I had tried several different menu planning programs and websites, and never found one that worked for me.

I’m now happy to say… I’VE FINALLY FOUND THE ONE

Let me introduce to you:  

I couldn’t help but share it with you! It has changed my homemaking life!

Here are just a few things I enjoy about Plan to Eat:

All my Recipes are now in One Place!
I now am storing all my recipes in my Plan to Eat Recipe Book! I can easily access, print and share my recipes from any computer that has internet access. 
Adding Recipes: Is Super Easy!
I don’t know about you, but I’m always stumbling across recipes online that I can’t wait to try. Up until now, I’ve not found any system or program that collects or catalogs these recipes.
I not only add my own recipes by typing them in but, I’m able to import recipes from over 100+ websites! {my most favorite part!}
I can also sort the recipes into their proper categories and add my own pictures!
Recipes Previews with Print
No more searching in vain for a recipe link that I saw somewhere and then misplaced; I can immediately just add it to my recipe box on Plan to Eat. Then I can easily incorporate my recipes into my menu plans — all with just a few clicks! 
Search Import Recipes from 100+ Websites
Change Serving Sizes on ANY recipe!
  I love that you can easily adjust serving sizes for each recipe. It will automatically update the amounts of each ingredient on my Shopping List too!
{How amazing is that?!} ;0)
Menu Planning Made Easy!
Recipes Share Import Search Plan
I can quickly plan a menu with just the drag of my mouse. Dragging recipes over into my menu is very easy. {I can switch them around easily too.} Once I have my menu planned, my grocery list is automatically created for me!
{Talk about headache free!}  
With a few more clicks of the mouse, I am able to go through and easily delete the items on my grocery list that I already have on hand and didn’t need to buy.
{Which saves me money!}
Customizable Grocery Categories
I can easily rename, delete and or reorder my grocery categories to set up my shopping list exactly the way I like it! There is also enough room to add things like diapers, soap etc… 
Monthly Meal Recipe Planner
In addition, since I’ve built up my recipe collection, I am now able to see at-a-glance if I’ve incorporated a recipe into my menu, and how often I’ve used it.

{This keeps me from repeating meals too often, and brings lots of variety to our meals!}

Divide List Up By Store
Another really helpful feature is that I can easily divide my grocery list up by store. Plus, I can easily keep a pantry inventory. {Easy way to keep track of what you have!} 
Save & Load My Meal Plans
I can save my meal plans to use later! I then can load it to future dates to save me time by allowing me to rotate through my menus. {This feature is truly a TIME SAVER!} Very nice!
Access On the Go
Simplify your grocery shopping with mobile access! Access your shopping list from your smartphone and check off items as you go! {No more pen and paper needed!} My husband has also installed the app on his phone and now can look at our grocery list. He can grab things on his way home from work if needed! LOVE this feature!
Easy Sharing!
My most favorite features is: The easy way I’m able to share my recipes! With a click of my mouse I can share my recipes on Facebook, E-mail or my blog. I can also print them easily!

There are many more features I could tell you about,
but I think you should try Plan to Eat, out for yourself! ;0)

Plan to Eat is truly a wonderful tool that I think many, homemakers would find tremendously helpful and beneficial to them. In fact, I liked it so much,  I completely switched my entire menu-planning system over to Plan to Eat. I’m exclusively using Plan to Eat, because I believe it has already enhanced my kitchen, by revolutionizing my meal-planning process & organization. It also has given me back more of that precious time, I treasure so very much. Smile 

Interested in trying out Plan to Eat for FREE?!
Well, there’s good news! you can sign up for
a completely FREE 30-Day Plan to Eat Subscription right now!
{CLICK ICON BELOW to sign up for FREE!}
Meal Planning Website
{No payment or information is required.} 

If you fall in love with Plan to Eat as much as I have, 
you can subscribe to Plan to Eat for as little as: 
$4.95 a month
or $39 a year {only $3.25 a month!} 
When you consider your time and the money you’ll save, by planning your meals, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Happy Plan to Eat Testing!

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