I was 22 and pregnant with my 2nd child. 
I had the funniest feeling when I woke that morning. 
I started out, with seeing spots in the shower. I woke up on the bottom of my shower floor. The whole left side of my body had a tingly numbing feeling. {Including my face!} 
I hobbled out of the shower and dialed my husband’s phone. I remember trying to explain to my husband what was going on. My speech was slurred and I was getting irritated and frustrated that I couldn’t tell my husband how I was feeling.  I later ended up suffering from one of the worst headaches I’d ever experienced in my life.
My midwife had me come in, but by then the “episode” was over, and I no longer was experiencing a single symptom! 
A week or two later, my husband and I were driving with our daughter in the back seat, when I started feeling the weird feeling and sensations coming on again. My left hand started going tingly, and quickly headed up my arm, and on into my face. Before I knew it, the whole left side of my body was numb. My tongue felt fat, and I couldn’t speak. The words I tried to speak were nothing but slurred confusion.
My husband became worried, and took me to the ER. By the time we reached the ER {We were an hour or so away.} The symptoms were gone and I felt normal again, except for the painful headache that lingered. {To say the least…I was completely frustrated and knew something was wrong, and I knew I had to find out what was going on. I was not only concerned about myself, but for the baby growing inside me as well!
My midwife was concerned and set an appointment up for me with a special neurologist. I was given an MRI and an EEG scan, {because many of my symptoms were signs of a stroke.} Though I’ve never been officially diagnosed, we are certain that I suffer from Hemiplegic Migraine’s. I also discovered my Mom, one of my sisters and one of my brothers also suffer from these types of migraines as well. 
There’s not much that can be done. Often times the migraines and their symptoms have lasted up to 4 hours to a couple days, for me. Usually one whole day is my “normal.” And usually occures once or twice a month.

Needless to say…

My little boy was born very healthy at 37 weeks. And the migraines do continue and I don’t believe any of it was pregnancy related.
When these kinds of days come, I must look to the Lord, to get me through! For these kinds of days aren’t easy being a momma. In fact  the migraines take a toll emotionally & physically. The Lord,  always seems to provide  the strength I need to get through these kinds of rough days. When I am well, I find myself very thankful for the healthy body that I do have. So many people out there, have difficulties and health issues that they deal with on a daily basis. I only deal with this once or twice a month.
So yesterday, in my “mild suffering” I was having a pity party. I was down, and down good. But today, I’m back to my normal self and I wanted to take the time to encourage you, to look to Jesus!  I had to write not only to give YOU encouragement, but for a reminder for me as well. ;0) “To be THANKFUL, in ALL things!”1 Thes. 5:18
Do you suffer from Hemiplegic Migraines ? How do you ease the pain? How do you cope? 

My symptoms  start with blurry vision, and I begin to see spots.  Pain and numbness begin to take over my left hand, and it starts to shoot up my arm, and continues on into my face. Which then “paralyzes my face {including my tongue.} It effects my speech and I sometimes end up having difficulty talking, along with dizziness. There are days that it even debilitates my left leg and it even goes numb!  {These days are often very frustrating for me.} I’m slowed, beyond belief, and my family has to work that much harder to keep the house going smoothly. I’m thankful my children are learning to be so very helpful! My husband does what he can when he is home too. Bless their hearts for loving me unconditionally despite my earthly annoyances. :0)

I’ve been blessed with Hemiplegic Migraine’s. Blessed you say? Yes, blessed. For we are all blessed beyond measure.  Each one of us can take each difficulty and trial in life, and allow the Lord to turn it into blessings. I consider these migraines a blessing in disguise. They bring me ever closer to Jesus, allowing me no other choice then to lean on Him and His strength.  Lord, bring on the “migRAINe’s” {the rain} I’m ready to lean even closer on you, today!
Lord draw US close to You!
How the Lord’s Blessed me this week….
{The 4 men in my life} Sunday, August 28th 2011
127.  His perfect strength
128. cool breezes replacing the humidity
129. Refreshing rain
130. the purchase of 2 pieces of exercise equipment for less then half of one original pieces price!
131. the relaxation that comes from soaking your feet
132. a big yard the munchkins can run and play for hours
133. blessings in disguise
134. the smell of new books and fresh paper

{My little girl and I} Sunday, August 28th 2011

“Never lose an opportunity for seeing anything that is beautiful; For beauty is God’s handwriting–Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower, And thank God for it as a cup of His blessing.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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