Well not really, but poor Frosty sure is!

The Munchkins and I made these adorable cookies for Christmas last year. I had seen cookies similar to these before, but these cookies were truly the cutest ones I had seen! I found this awesome tutorial from Stacey at Truly Custom Cakery! And well, I just had to share!
The tutorial was very well explained and I couldn’t have worded it any better myself.
So if you are in the mood for some more baking, or need something fun to do with the kids…then these beyond adorable confections are it! Jump on over to Stacey’s site, and let her know you found out about her at GracedSimplicity.com!

My tips for these fun cookies!

1. We did use our own favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe.
{But Stacey does share some great recipes in her tutorial, for you to use!}
2. Instead of hand forming every single cookie, we just used a round cookie cutter. A little less time consuming, and more doable with small children helping! ;0)
3. And when it came to the melting of the mallows, we put a marshmallow on a greased plate for about 9 seconds each in the microwave. {We were able to pick them up without greased hands, and place them on the cookie. No sticky mess or sticky or greasy hands this way.  We only melted 2 at a time. {easier to work with.}

Now go make some of your own, and have fun with the kids!

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