TODAY marks a great accomplishment for me!I really thought I wouldn’t survive – but I have. And I’m STILL HERE to tell you all about it!

You see – I’ve been without a dryer for 24 days!

Several weeks ago, our dryer went kerplooey. It was a sad and very gloomy day for this momma. The thoughts that went through my head were rather tragic and well maybe, just maybe a few of them slipped from my mouth as well. 🙁

The first few days weren’t the prettiest, and I wasn’t enjoying wearing clean but, very crunchy dried undergarments, nor was I thrilled to have my family do so as well!

How am I going to survive?! We were in the beginnings of our adoption, and things were really tight {still are.} You see, I’ve spent hours upon hours rekindling over and
over a relationship in the laundry room with this “trusty” appliance friend. How could this happen? I mean right now?! Really?!!

We didn’t have the funds right now for this, and we had to wait before we could purchase a new one. “How long will the wait be?” “I’m not sure I can manage my household without this appliance!”  But, I realized quickly – I had no other choice but to survive this dark momma valley.


These long weeks without a dryer have taught me & reminded me:

1.} How spoiled we Momma’s & Wives are here in America.

2.} To complain about laundry taking up so much time in one day – is ridiculous. Especially when we have modern appliances. Because it takes THAT much longer WITHOUT them.

3.} It’s made me appreciate all the women in our past. To ponder all the things they had to go through – just to wash garments of clothing for their family.

4.} I could really use a clothesline – I’d use it for several garments of clothing!

5.} It’s hard to hang laundry outside to dry when the weather changes from 80’s to snow in just one day – here in our state, also amongst spring rains mixed in and chilly freezing temps, it makes it very difficult.

6.} Clean & Crunchy Dried undergarments also double their job by exfoliating your skin. ::wink::

7.} Couches really make great drying racks, so do counters, fireplace mantles, tables, doors, beds & curtain rods.

8.} It takes approximately 24-48 hours to completely dry a pair of jeans inside during freezing temps outside.

9.} It ain’t very pretty!

10.} Having company just drop in, and not having a place to sit is kind of embarrassing!

11.} The simple life years ago, really wasn’t really simple at all – when it comes to daily everyday work that is.
12.} One full load of laundry can fill two rooms within minutes to dry, and when it’s nice outside, it fills the back deck rails.
13.} Folding laundry on the spot after it’s dried eliminates a step while doing laundry, and seems the most logical.

14.} When hanging our whites outside – they were whitened and brightened drastically by the sun and some of the sad looking dingies looked more pleasant.
15.} The cats & dog like to play under the hanging clothes outside, and sometimes pulled them down.
16.} Little hands were confused. They removed clothes from the “drying racks” like they thought they didn’t belong there or something?! ::wink::

17.} Our electric bill did show less electricity used, but wasn’t as much as I thought or hoped it would be.

18.} I was able to get outside more often than I normally get a chance to do, during the day. The extra sunshine and fresh air did well for this Momma.

19.} I learned that running errands one day and expecting to “catch up” on the laundry over the weekend doesn’t really work.

20.} It takes time & patience {something I feel I lack, often.}

21.} It REQUIRES planning ahead –  No longer can you expect to finish a load of laundry within a few hours.

22.} Depending on how warm it is outside – or how windy depends on how long your clothes will take time to dry. And too much wind isn’t a good thing when you don’t own a clothesline, all the clothes blow off.

23.} It’s not a good thing when the husband has no more socks, and the ones that are “available” are not yet dry. ::shoulder shrugs::

24.} Stiff towels & “crunchy” undergarments were my biggest drawback to not having a dryer. They were just very unpleasant on the skin. #1stworldproblems – I know.

25.} The stiffness of towels and undergarments were lessened when I could actually hang them outside, and when I added 1 cup of vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil to the washer. Though the towels were still not as fluffy as they are when they come out of the dryer.

26.} Drying bed linens and blankets outdoors was my favorite! Yes, I hope to get a clothesline to continue doing this with more “ease”. I thought they dried much quicker outdoors in the sun than they do in a dryer.
27.} I have the issue with feeling down, when things are out of place. And
when I had laundry strung all over the place, this didn’t help much. But
I found that doing a load before bed, and hanging it out to dry in the
living room before I went to bed, allowed me to gather it, fold it and
put it away in the morning giving me a little break in the “mess.”

28.} Drying things over a heat vent helped dry things faster during the cold snaps we had. And turning on the ceiling fan helped to speed up the drying process as well.

29.} I started contemplating and even told my husband – “hmm…maybe we don’t
even need a dryer! It would save us money on a little electricity and
leave money in our pockets for a new one, and go towards something else!”


30.} Yes, #29… did cross my mind….and was said.

And though we DID choose that a dryer was needed for this time and stage in our lives, I am thankful to have experienced this little upset in life, so that I can be more appreciative for the things I do have. I also decided that, a lot of the things I use to dry in a dryer, I will now be hang drying. And a clothesline would help me in that process.

And the happy news for this Momma TODAY is: I will be getting delivered a BRAND NEW dryer today! {Great early birthday present for this Momma by the way!} We’ve
been married almost 12 years and have had 3 different dryers &
washer sets and singles {all used, but free or very little in price.}
Each one has served us well, but I won’t disguise that I am beyond excited and praying for many years of use and wear out of this one, all by ourselves!

The 24 days without a dyer has been a good learning experiencing, and has also allowed me to appreciate even more things in life. We are so blessed friends, so blessed we ALL are!

Do you have a dryer? Do you hang your clothes indoors or outdoors? I’d love to hear what you do, and any tips you might have!


Have a blessed day, sweet friends!

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