The Story of Jacob {4} & Isaac {14 mo.}
 and their sweet little lives spared by God’s appointed, guardian angels.

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 

Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7

{Picture of Jake & Isaac, just one day after their accident.}  

It was Tuesday, July 26th, 2011. Just a normal day
There was nothing schedulednothing planned. Just a lazy summer day at our household.  

 The time for dinner preparation was coming. The kids were in the living room playing with their toys. I slipped out into the garage where the home of our freezer resides. Rearranging a few things to grab just a couple pounds of hamburger. {I was gone for 5-6 minutes.} 
I returned from the garage into the kitchen when I heard a muffled bleating scream. 

Lydia dashed into the kitchen to explain: 
the boys fell out your bedroom window!” 

I ran as fast as I could, out the front door and around to the back of the house. 
The scene keeps playing around and around again in my mind. The screaming shrill still lingers. 
Seeing my 4 year old laying on his back in the grass. Blood coming from his mouth. “Mommy, mommy, call the doctor, call the doctor!” I can almost feel my legs going to collapse, as I see my 14 month olds limp body lay on the brick patio. “ISAAC, ISAAC!” “WAKE UP BABY, wake up!, 
Lord, please help my babies!” “Please, help my babies, Lord!” 
I rolled Isaac from his side to his back. His body looked slightly gray. Blood was coming out of his little mouth. He never made a sound, he never moved. Minutes later He then opened his eyes slightly and closed them again. {I knew you’re not suppose to move a body when there’s been an injury, but I had to keep my baby awake!} I ended up picking him up, after he opened his eyes a little more. He started to close them again! I couldn’t let him go to sleep!
“COME ON BABY, STAY AWAKE, stay awake!” HELP MY BABIES, LORD, please Lord!”
 I carried Isaac’s limp body over to Jacob. 
Trying to keep Isaac awake while calming Jake the best I could.

Lydia returned with my phone. I called my husband. “THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! CALL 911!!! 
My husband said: OKAY, I WILL, I’M ON MY WAY!!!”
The 20-22 minutes of waiting for the ambulance was what seemed like the longest minutes of my life! I was crying out to the Lord, I was trying to keep Isaac awake, trying to hold Jake’s hand while he screamed in pain “MY BELLY, Mommy MY BELLY HURTS! “Hang on buddy, the doctors are on their way!”

I quickly dialed my Mom to tell her to pray, that Jake and Isaac fell out of our window, and that the ambulance was on there way.

The sun was hot, and harshly beating down. The  humidity was almost unbearable out. While pouring sweat, I was pouring tears quietly. {I stayed calmer then I’d ever imagine myself to be, in such an emergency.} I knew there was nothing I could do. All I could do was pray! My babies lives were lying completely in God’s hands. I was their mommy, yet had no control or power. The only thing I had was trust in the LORD, to do His will. I must admit,
I was very scared, yet hopeful.
I remember sitting in the humid heat, almost in complete shock as to what had just happened. I remember thinking…{this can’t be really happening!} I then looked back down at Isaac wiping blood away from his mouth with a sheet, {Lydia had brought out to help keep the sun out of the boys’ eyes.} It was then, when I was shaken back to reality, and couldn’t stop praying!
I felt such a calm and peace come over me. {I can’t even begin to explain.} Just then a first responder came running around to the back of the house with Caleb & Lydia.
He quickly looked them over, asking me what happened. He reassured me everything was going to be okay. “The ambulance is on their way!” He exclaimed.
Just seconds later the ambulance arrived along with a couple paramedics. They looked the boys over, and informed me that they actually looked like they will be okay. One of the paramedics asked me what window they fell from? I pointed and said… “that one!” His eyes showed shock and disbelieve…
Just as we buckled up in the ambulance, my husband was coming up the drive!
 The driver told him  “we’re headed to the hospital!”

The paramedics checked the boys’ vitals and said, they should be just fine! One paramedic told me, it’s okay, they can sleep now. They are going to be just fine!” “They’ll probably want to run some tests and scans, but they look like they are going to be just fine!” “Looks like they had some guardian angels looking out for them!” 
My reply: “Yes, they sure did!”
On route to the hospital, Lydia explained to the medic: “ We’ve never ridden in an ambulance before!” The medic replied: “Oh yea?, Kind of fun, isn’t it!” I looked at Lydia and told her with a nervous mustered laugh, “Let’s not make it a habit, okay, sweetie?!” 
To make a long story short
We spent hours that evening in the ER. 
Jacob ended up having 2 CAT scans, along with an IV and chest X-RAYS. They took several vials of blood to make sure his spleen hadn’t ruptured. {He was having abdominal pain.}
No broken bones, Just several scratches and bruises with a few internal bruises.
Isaac, ended up having a CAT scan along with chest X-RAYS. He suffered a mild concussion along with loss of consciousness. They found a small spot on his brain, but believed it to be from him moving, and not blood flowing in the brain. He had a larger bruise right over his heart, and lots of scratches and smaller bruises. Ended up taking him to doctor the next day, because he was crying in pain and wouldn’t walk. He ended up getting 15 X-RAYS of his legs & hip! The specialist says she saw nothing, and just said probably just pain from internal bruises. We had to keep his legs elevated when sleeping, keeping ice on his swollen knee etc…{He’s wobbling around today.} :0) 

Praise the Lord!
We were sent home that evening. {Which later we were told by other doctors they should have kept us especially with Isaac suffering from a concussion.}
That night we were told to keep watch. {It was a LONG night.} I don’t believe I slept a wink. We had the boys sleep in our room, so we could keep a close eye and ear. We prayed and thanked the Lord, that our babies were with us. So many stories like this end in a tragic ending. The Lord chose to spare their lives. Apparently His plan for their lives are not yet finished.

How It Happened You Ask?
Apparently the boys were following one of our puppies from window to window. When  they got to our master bedroom, both Jake and Isaac climbed onto our window seat. Jake unlocked the window and opened it, {to get a better look at the puppy, I guess?!} They must have pushed on the screen and they went “flying!” Within a matter of minutes, our babies lives could have been taken from us. But God sent guardian angels to keep close watch over them. We’ve been told that they should NOT be alive today, after falling 13 feet to the ground. Especially Isaac who landed on a brick patio below! Coming out of a 13 foot fall, with only scrapes and bruises and one concussion, the boys have left the doctors and nurses, families & friends in awe of an amazing miracle!  
Praise the LORD with us! 

{Maser Bedroom Window Seat, where the boys fell from.}

{Back of house where boys fell.}
Life – is but a fleeting moment. 
 We don’t know how long our babies will be around, we don’t know how long we’ll be around. 
I was reminded of the sweet blessing of my babies, more than I’ve ever been. 
An accident that could have taken my babies lives from us in minutes. We were given a blessing to enjoy their little lives for hopefully many more moments! Many families have been through such an incident and have no child{ren} to hold.

{Isaac Summer 2012}

GOD is the GOD of miracles! He does send angels to guard and keep us!
THANK YOU, LORD for saving my babies! 
“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.” – Psalm 46:1-3

Update: Today our little boys are 6 and 3! They are a blessing, just like all of my children are. I’m thankful for the beautiful AND ugly moments of Motherhood. Because in a moment we never know how long we have with them. I’m cherishing EACH ONE!
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