Homemaking does not require perfection. God only asks for our very best. He longs for our hearts, souls and minds to be completely His, in ALL that we do.

Many jobs in this life bring us great accomplishments with great pain. But, never have I come across  a person who has proclaimed; that their job is so undeniably satisfying despite the exhaustion, pain sweat and tears. Despite the long nights, the muddy floors the ongoing training and rearing of children, not to mention all our husbands needs and deadlines to be met.


An intentional homemaker lives a life of God-purposed sacrificial service.  And with it comes absolute joy in our God-given ministry. Leaving us saying “I love being home.


Then it HAPPENS.

We find ourselves in a rut.

Hey, it ain’t always a pretty portrait!

 In this “rut” we find excuses. Excuses that lead to doubt. Doubt that leads to thoughts of failure. Thoughts of failure that eventually if not taken care of, will lead to destruction of our home.

We’ve all seen it!  We know destruction. Though never in our right minds, would we ever want to find ourselves down that road ourselves. Or maybe you’ve been there right with me? Maybe you’re just climbing out of that pit? Perhaps you are like me constantly battling the slippery path of worldly lies. Constantly battling back and forth to build our homes. Too easily we’re slipping up once again, and our homes are slowly being torn down with our selfish hands.


The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.  Proverbs 14:1


Day after day we serve our families. Day after day we battle, we struggle and sometimes we even find ourselves trudging or dragging our feet. Looking for encouragement, looking for our purpose because we all know, sometimes our vision get’s clouded.

 We forget the reasons why, we do what we do, and who we are doing it for.

We loose the meaning, and the purpose of this blessed ministry of being home – simply because we’ve caved into the worlds views of the useless purposes of a keeper of the home. We feel as though we deserve more, we deserve to have time for ourselves. We very much long for another soul, one who understands our daily struggles. We long for that compassionate and loving friend.

You know what? We were created to be needed!But one thing we often forget as Jesus following keepers of our homes; is that we already KNOW the one WHO DOES understand, the one WHO DOES know what we are going through. The one whom we collect an abundance of daily grace & strength from. The one whom we most certainly have neglected. {It’s how we get here in the first place anyway, isn’t it?}

I don’t know about you, friend. But I’m sure like me, many of you so often, get caught up in living the “homemakers life.” {Being a wife, a mother, a manager, a teacher etc…of our homes} With it comes worldly battles and distractions. All lies that tell us that

“I  just can’t do this anymore!”  “It’s just too, HARD!”

“Is this really WORTH it anymore?!”

The purpose, the passion, and the plan I once had, sometimes start washing out as I slowly cave into a selfish pity party with my selfish and very foolish hands. {Please, tell me you’ve been here.}

Deep down, I’m positive most of us “know” what we are called to do, as Godly women. For the most part we’ve just become discouraged. Discouraged that no one else around us seems to have the same concept of life as we do. The world around us doesn’t notice our hard work and effort. Our relationship with the Lord by this time in the game, has started to dry up and become crusty and sometimes powdery dust by the time we realize…  “I must get back on track!” It’s sometimes a tough and brutal reminder but: We aren’t here to serve ourselves, we are here on this earth as simple servants of Jesus Christ. We are servants of the King of Kings. Who, He himself lived a life of example. A picture of true servant-hood.

Our lives wouldn’t count if it weren’t for HIM. For we are nothing but clay. He longs to mold us and shape us. He longs to create a beautiful masterpieces of art – where He receives the glory and honor for it all!

Our lives as Christians should always seem as though we are swimming upstream. Because in reality. If we’re not feeling the heat, than most likely our life may not be completely reflecting the Savior.

Whatever your life circumstances may be right now there’s no waiting required.  No waiting to turn back the pages from the path of our foolish, selfish hands.


Sweet friends, are you going to make a change in the way you manage and build your home with me? Do you see some “leaks in your relationships?” Maybe a few “cracks in the walls?” Are you ready to make a change? The change to turn the pages back? It’s time to make things right!

 The time is NOW. The time to be intentional in our homemaking! An Intentional Homemaker: Has a PURPOSE a PASSION and a PLAN to glorify the Lord in ALL that she does.

 …faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. If our faith isn’t backed up with actions of obedience, then our faith is no good, it’s “dead.”
James 2:17

It’s time to redeem the time, ladies let’s climb out – or steer far from the pit, drink our full of God’s word, find our PURPOSE in HIM, rekindle our PASSION for what we do, fix our “leaky relationships” and our “cracked walls.” Let’s make a PLAN that is flexible and enables us to grow and build your home. First and foremost – let’s start spending just a few moments in prayer and Bible reading before our day begins.{Even If it requires waking up an hour earlier, do it!} We must make sacrifices if we are going to change things for the better.


 If you haven’t caught it yet – Intentional in my homemaking is my swag, my word, for this year.

What changes will you be making this week? Are you finding yourself in the same sinking boat with me?
How are you going to carry out your plan of attack for a changing course? I’d love to hear about them! 


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