If you followed along with our 1st adoption – you’ll notice the expenses here slightly different. With this adoption we are adopting on what they call a “reuse”. This means we are able to adopt using a lot of the same paper work from our last adoption. And because we are adopting again within a years time of our last adoption, we are able to do qualify for a ‘dossier reuse’. It doesn’t save us much – but it does still save us about $5,000! Every penny helps, and we are excited to see how the Lord will provide again for this adoption. He’s always faithful!

We’ve been working hard to earn extra money to help fund our adoption. With this current adoption we’ve already completed an Adoption Sale & Auction. And we continue to sell homemade essential oil blends and natural cleaners as well as more custom necklaces, custom Christmas ornaments and our handmade China Cookie Cutters.

— This page will be continually updated as we accumulate funds and monies are donated. —


Our latest goal – 06.19.16 :    $0     (100% FUNDED!)



We are sharing this list for a few various reasons:

Considering our efforts to earn extra money for our adoption, and the gifts we’ve already received, we believe it is very important for us to share our expenditures with those of you who’ve given or who wish to give. We want to be transparent on where the actual gifted money and so forth is going. With the way our world has gone over time, it’s disturbing to find others abusing the blessings they’ve been so freely given. Our family strives for complete integrity, and this is one way we can do that here. I wish we could say that adoption wasn’t so expensive, but the real facts are plain and evident, all forms of adoption are expensive, whether they are domestic OR international. They all involve large amounts of money.

2.} We believe that God is our ultimate provider. When we are walking in His will, His provision will lead the way far and beyond what we even ask or expect. We can say without a doubt that this has already been true for us in many areas of our lives. While we have been cautious and careful to manage our finances closely, we were able and prepared with a small savings to get us started in our journey, We’re confident the Lord will provide, He’s gotten us this far, and He won’t leave us stranded.

 3.} We believe it’s important to work hard to make our goal, and some of the ways we are earning extra funds for our adoption is through our side business, {as you’ve seen lately.} : ) we’ve been selling garden produce, natural remedies, natural cleaners & lots of baked goodies, breads and cakes, even though I’ve set the bakery on hold.

So, here it is. An accounting of our expenses. And if your family is considering adoption, please do not let this scare you away. Rather, go back to our point #2 & #3 and trust in the great provision of God!



-Adoption Application to CCAI – $FREE due to returning on a Dossier Reuse!
– Home Study Agency AWAA – Application Fee: $175.00
– CCAI 1st Adoption Fee: $1,850 (Cheaper due to a reuse!)
– Home Study Update Fee: $1,067 (Cheaper due to returning.)
– Postage Free: $1.42
– UPS & State Fees: $57.99
– Chinese Embassy Free: $50.00
– US Department of State: $16.00
– Courier Fee (Assistant Stork): $95.00
– UPS Shipping Fees (Combined): $88.46
– Courier Fee (There’s Always Home): $105.00
– CCAI 2nd Adoption Fee: $2,250
– CCWA Fee & Translation: $1,130 ($85 saved on a reuse!)
– UPS Fees: $34.40
– UPS Fees: $18.14
– UPS Fees: $52.24
– Certification of Notary for State Secretary (Adoption Petition): $5.00
– UPS Fee: $17.79
– BLAS Fee: $360.00
– CCAI 3rd Adoption Fee: $2,400
– Department of Home Security: $720.00
– Fedex Fees for documents: $35.00
– Child’s Visa: $325.00
– CCAI Orphanage Wire Fee: $30.00
– Required Orphanage Rearing Fee: $5,448 ($452 cheaper than initially expected.)
– Round Trip Airfare (2 adults): $3,799.32 ($1,799 more than what we anticipated due to highest months of the flying travel season.)
– Child’s Homecoming Airfare: $796.16
– In Country Travel Fee with our Agency (Hotels, Transportation, In Country Airfare – 2 adults and 1 child.): $2,328.00 ($1,569 cheaper than anticipated – made up for the high priced plane tickets.)
– Post Adoption Deposit – NONE!  (Normally it’s $1,000, but we hadn’t received ours back yet from our last adoption, so our agency took that into account!)
– Adoption Notarization & Registration Fees, Required Child’s Physical TB Tests, Child’s Visa Photo, Translation for Documents: $1,610


Total Spent to date 06/19/16: