“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8  

I’m learning to train my eyes, my heart and mind to look for the beautiful things. Philippians 4:8. Keeping my mind focused on the Lord

So through a heart, seeking that which is good – I’ve started giving thanks once again in 2014. It’s in giving thanks, I’m finding beauty. Beauty that makes my soul want to sing of His unfailing, unwavering goodness and grace. I’d love for you to join me in counting our blessings!

{the sweet & simple blessings of life} 
for which I am forever grateful. | June 2014

 “I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.” Psalm 13:6

1st:  For the comfort & peace in knowing we’re not alone.

2nd: For play dates, new friendships and for unexpected times to trust the Lord. He knew I needed that cash in my wallet. : )

3rd: For the ability to still make our voices heard via one single vote. And for the reminder that I
vote to give my children and your children, and grandchildren a future
of freedom. Freedom to speak, freedom to worship the Lord, freedom to
live. And sometimes wondering if FREEDOM really means anything to anyone. How quickly we take it for granted.

4th: For the reminder that it takes time to build a home that will LAST and STAND the TEST OF TIME. “A good workman knows that it takes time to
build a home that will last for decades. He skillfully lays the
groundwork and refuses to cut corners as he pieces together a solid
frame. In the same way, we need to build a spiritual foundation
in the next generation. In Psalm 127:1-5, God’s Word gives us three word pictures that help us know
how to build families that have a heart for God. We are to be workmen,
watchmen, and warriors. The goal of all three of these roles is that we
will leave a legacy of godliness to our children, our grandchildren and
generations to come.” — Nancy Leigh Demoss

5th: For the precious time to dig into God’s word with other like-minded women and encourage each other in our God-given roles, as wives, mothers.
6th: For our last home study visit, and for being in this new place in our adoption. A time of waiting, relying and resting on the LORD for his provision and his timing. For short time to be with my man alone, talking adoption trauma, over a nice Chinese dinner.

Being able to see my family and my sister, her husband and children from “far away”.

7th: For a quiet rainy Saturday that allowed us to sleep in from our late night out with family. Truly a blessing in disguise. : )

And for fresh homegrown organic goodness.

8th: For a husband that sees a need at Church, and is so willing to jump right in to remedy that need. I can’t help but acknowledge that this, is truly the sign of a man who loves Jesus with his whole heart, desires to serve, and really displays quietly, yet outwardly with actions of a true leader. What a blessing to have this man in my life!

9th: For minor trials in life that brings us ever so close to the throne of God’s love & grace. For God’s word that reminds us to rely on the one who gives us REST & PEACE. And for scriptures, songs & hymns that stick in our minds, and are brought to our attention when we need it MOST. Finances, adoption worries & waiting, worldly pressures thrown at us – BE GONE, SETTLE DOWN, GOD’S TOTALLY GOT THEM! Psalm 23 ; Psalm 62:1-2

For homemade play-dough, and for all of my children with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and for each of of them choosing their own color resulting in my discolored hands. Thankful I didn’t have to go anywhere. I need more plastic gloves. ; )


11th:  How grocery shopping with 5 Munchkins is a challenge – but not impossible! Thankful for their good behavior even though it was a very long day out.

How prayer is a powerful & mighty weapon – and can be pulled out at any moment for a number of reasons along with blessings of thanks.

For our traditional family movie nights & of course homemade pizza & popcorn!

14th: Being able to be thankful for all the small moments I get with my man.


For the ability to actually say, Happy Birthday, to my little sister Carissa. {4 years – cancer free!} And for the celebration of father’s. So blessed to have been raised by a godly father, And I’m doubly blessed to have a husband who also loves Jesus and his children. <3

16th: For the planning and the prepping of snail mail in the summer! 

17th: For an actual lazy summer day. : )

18th: Thankful to be getting a little VBS decor prep done, and thankful for such great helpers!

19th: For the opportunity to meet with a great group of like-minded woman, who encourage, uplift and build each other up in the word of God.

20th: For parents who have stuck together through the thick and the thin, who’s foundation in marriage is Jesus Christ. Happy 32nd Anniversary to my parents! And thank you, for the great example. <3

21st: Bringing
much laughter and a smiles to passing cars. And realizing how much
people miss while on their cell phones and electronic devices. And
thankful my sense of humor has not left me. Because laughter is so
important to life. Thankful for the gift of laughter and for still having the puppeteer knack from so long ago.

Through the ups and the downs – I’d do it ALL OVER AGAIN! Blessed to be celebrating 12 years of marriage with my best friend. I love you, sweetheart.  <3

23rd: For the first evening of Bible School, and a lovely view to enjoy while driving there. Don’t worry, hubs was driving! ; )

24th: Thankful for the opportunity to share that JESUS is indeed REAL and lives today, with 2 little ones who’s little hearts were stirring to know more. And thankful for the reminder of how many little ones have never even gone past the Christmas manger, or even know that Jesus is even real. Oh, to share with our local communities in search of a Savior, to know that YES, He is very REAL. Get out and be the hands and feet…

25th: How my husband and I try our
hardest to teach our children to stand up and speak up for their
convictions and for the ones Mommy & Daddy have set as our standard.
A certain movie we have told our children we didn’t want them to see,
was offered for the watching while at a friends house. My daughter spoke
up and said, she wasn’t allowed to watch that movie. Her friends Mom called to let me know.

I’m thankful for:

1. A daughter who stood up and spoke, even when she could have quietly watched the movie, and Dad and Mom may have never known.

2. Thankful for other Godly parents that choose to honor and respect another parents desires and wishes.

26th: Being able to celebrate another birthday! I look back and just thank the Lord, for preserving our lives for His purpose.
Happy 7th Birthday, to a growing up little
boy, who from day one has kept us on our toes with excitement and
wonder, and a bright big smile and ornery streak! When he grows up he
says he wants to be: A missionary pilot, or an archaeologist.

Keep those high dreams, little man! WITH Jesus, you will go far!

We survived a full, fun and very busy week of VBS – and we’re ready to smile for another dossier photo! ; )

For all the helpers pulling weeds and making the the garden beautiful again. And for the abundance of rain we’ve been receiving this month that is very much needed for a dry and very thirsty land.

 29th: For the chance to meet up with a friend and enjoy a great day at the SetApart Girl Simulcast Conference, and gain some really great encouragement and insights for the Christian life.

 30th: Reminded once again – life is but a vapor. Live it well and make a glorious impact. The next hour may be your last breath.

lose an opportunity for seeing anything that is beautiful; For beauty
is God’s handwriting–Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky,
in every fair flower, And thank God for it as a cup of His blessing.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
What gifts of gratitude have you found this past month?  

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