…It’s simply BEAUTIFUL!      
    I want to thank my parents for praying for a godly young man years before, I was even thinking about marriage. And I can’t press upon any young woman enough, to be PRAYING for their future husband! God truly does bless! 

    A “love letter” dedicated to: 
    My Hubby, knight and shining armor, best friend and love of my life, 
    leader of our home and hero of our children.


    I knew I wanted a man whom had the courage to ask my parents for permission to date. {Deep down I somehow thought there just wasn’t a guy that “old-fashioned” anymore!} To my surprise at the age of 16 you practically fell right into the middle of my life. Not realizing the plans God had laid out ahead for us.
    At the age of 17, I’m almost sure my heart skipped a beat when you’re sister told me that you were the kind of guy who’d ask to even sit by me. ;0) And I’m positively sure my heart leaped for joy when you asked my dad to court me. Our friendship was beautiful, because the Lord was the center!
    Nine years later, 4 babies, lots of love, fun, laughter, pain and tears, we’re still living our happily ever after! “God gives us above and beyond what we can ever dream,” when we follow Him. 

    40 Reasons why I love you,
    {for the man that you are} 
     1. The love you have for God
    2. You’re amazing smile & laugh
    3. The amazing daddy you are
    4. You know how to lead & how to follow
    5. The desire you have to be a godly man & how you strive to walk with God. You try very hard to be the spiritual leader of our family. Thank you!
    6.  The way you make time to read to our Munchkins and lead our family in devotions. {These are precious times.}
    7. How you, like me enjoy the sweet and simple things of life 
    8. I love the little boy in you. It defiantly shows when you take time out of your busy schedule… to wrestle on the floor or ride bikes with the Munchkins {You are truly their hero!}
    9.  Your humbleness amazes me. When you’ve been talked about behind your back, or stabbed in the side. You humbly let go and turn the other cheek. {Where I would naturally feel like retaliating, you can easily let go.} Thanks for the example!
    10. There’s no doubt you love your family. You’ve given up many favorite hobbies just to be with us. {And for those moments and times, I thank you for your sacrifice!}
    11. I love how you can seek counsel from older, wiser men
    12. I love how you use your talents, the Lord has blessed you with. Your talent for building, constructing, remodeling, and fixing things amazes me. Our family is not only blessed but spoiled to have your talents.
    13.  I love how you keep not only your heart for me, but your eyes as well! The ability to turn away whenever a woman is dressed immodestly is truly self-control. {This means more to me, then you’ll ever know!}
    14. The way you make our family a priority, and not just another thing you do.
    15. The way you work with numbers quickly & efficiently.
      16. How you love through sickness & health. {I’ve been sick and you come home from a long days work, you pull up your sleeves and get to cookin’. What LOVE.  
    17. You hold me when I need it
    18. You love your family & mine as well
    19. I love how you LOVE the outdoors. How you enjoy gardening & working in the yard together. Even pulling weeds is lot of fun, when doing it together! 
    20. I love how you care about the spiritual conditions of our children’s hearts, {and mine included!}
    21. Knowing you love me, despite my faults
    22. You’re a wonderful kisser. ;0) 
    23. The way you try your best to give things your all. Be it whatever it is!
    24.  The way you surprise me, just because…you love me 
    25.  When you apologize, you mean it
    26.  The trust you have in me 
    27.  You easily come to me for advice & try your hardest to understand where I’m coming from
    28. The way you can share your failures, struggles & fears
    29. How you snuggle, because you love too 
    30. You work hard at your job & do the job well 
    {no matter how daunting or discouraging.}
    31.  Being able to see your heart for people, in need of Christ
    32. Your hands. {I’ve always loved your big strong hands, very manly and masculine.} I love how mine fit perfectly.
    33. You’re not afraid to show emotion. {I’ve always loved this about you.}
    34. I love how we both come to the conclusion that running errands and grocery shopping was a wonderful “date”, just because we were together.
    35. Being able to hear you sing {Even though you “think” you don’t have a singing voice.} I LOVE it. 
    36. The joy that overcomes me, when hearing our children’s laughter while you tickle them on the floor.
    37. The way you can whip up a pie or two! {I’m still jealous of your crusts!} :0P
    38. I love how our dreams and goals combine to make beautiful things {Being able to enjoy some already, is a blessing from the Lord!}
    39. The way you try and tear me away from work, just to sit back and enjoy life. {I thank you for this!}
    40.  I love the way  you keep winning my heart
    and so many more! 

    I’m excited to watch years from now, from our front porch… the grandkids running around the yard. I’m certain that generations from now…it’s all because God brought two people together and made them fall in love. 
     These past 9 years we’ve experienced so many moments – from the upsides & downsides of life. {All have been beautiful moments from the Lord.} I’m so ready to discover how challenging and how breathtaking our next adventures will be. So thankful, God gave me you! Happy 9th Anniversary, to my best friend and love of my life! I ♥ you.
    Forever & Always,

    P.S.  I’m so glad we let God write our love story. We would not be experiencing something so beautiful without allowing Him to do so.

     “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…”  Ephesians 3:20

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