I’ve been bombarded with messages, and many of you have been asking how I am doing.  {How can one forget? This blog is another community of family here!}  ::huge grin::  I love you gals, you are such an encouragement!


Quick health update – 

I am still on the mend. Since my last update, I ended up back in the ER with an infection. While there, they discovered I was still border line anemic from the severe blood loss. I’m on extra Iron pills and I’m packing in all the extra Iron I can get!  On a side note: Did you know taking iron pills with citrus fruits and juices helps the iron dissolve better into your blood stream?!  New information for me, I thought it was useful and neat. 😉
I was given a high dose steroid antibiotic through IV and sent home with one more antibiotic. I’m honestly starting to feel more like myself again, and the bleeding has finally completely come to a stop. I’m noticing my energy level is slowly making a come back! {Though, I’ve been instructed to “not over due it”}
While at the ER {second time} they discovered a growth on my left ovary. They have concern it could be cancerous, so I have several check ups lined up for that.  I have several future doctor visits to follow.

The Lord has been so faithful and oh, so good. Our family has been overwhelmed by God’s love and  faithfulness. We are so blessed to be part of a loving and caring church family, and surrounded by so many faithful caring family, friends and neighbors.

Continued prayers would be much appreciated as my body continues to heal and as we find out more about the growth. I am not worried, slightly concerned – but thankful the Lord has His hand on the matter.

Thanks for all your prayers and for all of your encouraging messages. <3

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